Coffee Date Friday

In case you’re wondering, or you feel the need to drop me a gift in the mail *wink wink*, 10 days until my birthday! I’m really excited! Can you tell?! I’m mostly excited because my in laws have asked for the kids all weekend long so Kyle and I get to go away and play. Holla! Now to figure out where we should go? Know any good spots that won’t take more than 2 hours to drive to?

If we were having coffee, I would show you this picture of my littles. Just a little throw back to the old days, right after Brayden was born. I should warn you, this picture was taken PB, pre-blogging, so my skills were not as refined. hahaha But I mean, how adorable is this?!! She has loved him from the moment he was born!


I would tell you that I’m so bad about following through with playdates. I hesitate to make plans because I’m always worried something work related will come up, but the truth is, work is always going to come up, but my kids won’t always be 5 and 4 and they won’t always need me to take them on playdates. I need to make more of an effort to make time for them to be with their friends.

I would tell you that lately I’ve been changing it up and working for a few hours each week at a local coffee spot, Portola Coffee Lab. It’s been so rejuvenating and for some reason I feel like I’m able to focus and get so much done when I’m there. Plus, working side by side with Jared Leto is nothing short of motivating as well. 😉

coffee date 1

If we were having coffee I would tell you that after much conversation and “tooth watching,” we began realizing that Katelyn’s big girl tooth was rapidly coming in behind her baby tooth and that baby tooth was not wanting to go anywhere. We tried everything to try and loosen that baby up ourselves to no avail. So I made a dentist appointment to have them help pull her tooth. I was such a nervous wreck this week. I’m pretty sure even an entire bottle of wine wouldn’t have helped, although, trust me, if I wasn’t the one needing to drive, I might’ve given it a shot. Katelyn, on the other hand, was a cool as a cucumber. At one point she told me not to worry that the tooth fairy would be excited to get another tooth for her collection. 

When did my 5 year old turn 15?

She was so busy watching Stuart Little on the tv and so relaxed by the little bit of laughing gas they gave her that it was over in less than 2 minutes. We celebrated with ice cream sundaes from McDonald’s and the tooth fairy delivered a $5 bill in exchange for her tooth. 

coffee date 2

My week was a mixture of business meetings and bootcamp, my favorite kind of week. Kicking ass and getting my ass kicked. haha I’m pretty sure I’ve lived in my new Evy’s Tree zip up. I mean, it’s so soft and cute, how could you not want to live in it? 

coffee date 3

I’ve been spending more time on Pinterest lately, pinning recipes that I’ve actually been making. A couple weeks ago I saw someone repin a picture that said that if you lit a candle while chopping an onion you can avoid the burning, watering eyes. Well, I tried it, and it worked…. sort of. When I say sort of, I mean that I made it through almost two onions when I began feeling the burning. So it’s not a sure fire method, but it wasn’t a failure either. Thanks Pinterest! Then tonight on Instagram, I learned that if you put an unlit match in-between your teeth while you chop an onion, this is guaranteed to help. I will have to flush this one out next week. 

Despite the burning eyes and tears, dinner turned out great and only one person refused to eat. Brayden, always Brayden. I adapted the Habenero Chicken Tacos from Bountiful. Y’all this book has changed my life in the best way, you need to buy it, NOW!!

coffee date 4

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m realllllyyyy excited for tonight. Girls Night Out to see Divergent and attend a Factions themed party. Tomorrow my home will smell like fresh baked break all day! yum!!

If were having coffee, what would you tell me?

Coffee Date

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