Coffee Date: Be the Change

Hi friends. How are you? I’m so glad you’re joining me for coffee today.

If we sat down for coffee today, or maybe iced coffee because the weather here has been so warm, I would tell you that I’m beyond grateful for all the comments, tweets, emails and text messages I got from you last week.

It was incredible.

Thank you! Thank you for loving me and trusting me with your stories. Words cannot express how my life has been impacted in such a big way by you. How has your week been? I’ve been praying for you.

Then I would tell you I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood this week. With Katelyn turning 4 this year I find myself thinking a lot about ways that I’m shaping her life. Ways that I’m impacting her. Both good and unfortunately, bad.

I would tell you that the earliest memory I have is of my mom.

I was three.

We were living in Hawaii at the time. It would be another two years before we moved to Southeast Asia. But that’s a story for another coffee date.

My earliest memories are centered around my mom and sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies.

See it was just like another other day. My dad was at work, my brother was still little, probably no more than six months old at the time and was mostly likely napping. My Mom was in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies.

I remember standing at the entrance to our small kitchen watching her mix the cookie dough, when I began talking to her.

I told her how much I loved Jesus.

I told her how I wanted him to live in my heart.

Then before she knew it I was kneeling at the floor of the kitchen. And as my mom mixer droned in the background, I prayed.

Prayed that Jesus would come and live in my heart forever. That he would love me and take care of me.

A big prayer for a little girl.

What my mom would share with me when I got older was that when I was a baby she would read me Bible stories all the time.

She would act them out and we would shout, clap and laugh together while she read.

God meant enough to my Mom that she chose to share him with me from the time I was born. I may not remember those stories being shared with me, or even that Noah’s Ark was my favorite, but what I do remember is so much greater. What I took away from those times is a seed that was planted and grew in my heart.

She was the change.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today as I watch my three year old sing worship songs in the car.

Have I been the change for her?

Have I planted those seeds in her heart?

Will she look back at being three years old one day and remember all the times she was scolded by me, or will she remember the snuggles at night, the prayers, the worship songs and that Jesus loves her and wants to live in her heart?

And it makes me so emotional.

I hope and pray that one day she will kneel with me and tell me how much she wants to know Jesus and I will get to hear her sweet voice tell Jesus that she wants him to live in her heart.

Today I’m going to be the change in her life and in my sons. I’m going to watch my words, be aware of my actions. I’m going to be more for them…. pray more for them.

If we sat down for coffee today I would ask you who has been the change in your life?