Coffee Date

Well hello there! Happy Friday!

This week I made sure to check my boob for fuzz before I hit record so I already feel like I’m on a roll.

And yes, I did cuss this week and no, I’m not sorry.

Did you have a good week? Apart of Twitterdrama (yes I did just combine those words), I’m feeling like I’ve accomplished quite a bit.

What I did not expect was this head cold that started to come on last night. Blech!

I’m taking everything under the sun to get rid of it before I travel next week.

I hope you all and an awesome week friends + I can’t wait to have coffee with you.

If you’re linking up this week, please,

1. link directly to your post

2. include a link back so others can join in too

3. join some new friends for coffee this week

4. go do something nice for someone who isn’t expecting it

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