Coffee Date

If we were having coffee today, I would serve you hot coffee with delicious creamer and fresh whipped cream outside by the fire pit. The weather has been beautiful here in Southern California, so while we might need the warmth of the fire pit for a little bit, it won’t be long before it warms up. As we sip our coffee we’ll catch up on Christmas and New Year’s and the struggle that comes with going back to the daily routine of getting up early and getting our littles off to school or heading back to work. Those 2 weeks off seem long, but yet not long enough.

I would talk about how we moved offices before Christmas and so we’re working to get the artwork re-hung on the walls of the new space, but how much the new rug is my favorite piece in the room currently. I promise to share more photos with you once the space is finished.


As we’re having coffee we’ll talk about the Bachelor premiere and how we can’t believe how crazy some of the girls are, yet there are favorites in the group already. I’ll tell you about the party my girlfriends and I had, complete with “farm themed” foods, rose cupcakes, roses, Bingo and a Bachelor Bracket to see if we can predict all the way down to the end who will stay and who will go. Of course the night was not complete without giving the girls fun nicknames and finding quirks to help us remember them next week when they’re not all dolled up in gowns. I’m hoping Chris will not disappoint me this season by making himself appear as a “man-whore” (pardon my French), instead of the grounded + genuine man he was in Andi’s season.

Speaking of Andi, did you hear the news that after being overly touchy feely during the premiere, her and Josh have called it quits. Are we shocked or not shocked?

Bachelor Collage

This week has been filled with delicious smells coming from our kitchen. After having a broken oven for 6 months of 2014, Kyle found an amazing Appliance Medic to come fix it after we gave up on the Whirlpool/KitchenAid warranty for giving us the run around. Now my oven works better than ever and I’m a weeeee bit giddy that I can bake all the things again. This week I made one of our favorites, Chicken Dill Pot Pie from the Bountiful Cookbook. It was delish!

Chicken Pot Pie

If we were having coffee today I wouldn’t be able to resist sharing with you Olaf’s birthday celebration our kids threw this week. They worked, in secret, all day creating balloons and all kinds of paper presents for Olaf so he could turn 11. When Kyle and I entered the room after dinner, I about died! Of course, I stopped to take a million pictures because I knew someday I would want to share this with them. I promise you, we had nothing to do with the decor, but I’m not going to lie, we enjoyed the good laugh over it all.

bday party collage

If we were having coffee this week, what would you tell me?

xo, Alissa

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