Coconut Macaroons

Happy December Rags to Stitches Friends! I am beyond thrilled that it is the holiday season! I hope you all are having fun decorating and trimming your trees. Of course this holiday season sparks the baker within all of us, which is favorite! I will be honest with you as much as I L.O.V.E. classic Christmas flavors such as; pumpkin, chocolate and peppermint….I like switching it up a bit. Today I want to teach you all how to make the most delicious, chewy coconut macaroons. These light cookies are perfect for Christmas cookie exchanges or Holiday pot lucks. (Mostly because they are so easy, quick and yummy) Enjoy the baking!

What You Need:

Your ingredients must be at room temperature. This will ensure your meringue batter will be light and fluffy.

`4 egg whites

`pinch of salt

`1/2 cup super fine sugar (If you do not have super fine sugar, you can run regular sugar through a food processor.)

`2 cups coconut flakes


`In a clean bowl whip your egg whites and salt until the mixture gets really white and stiff. What you want is to create a meringue. When you pull the beater out it should make a stiff peak.

`Now slowly add your sugar.

`Once the sugar is completely incorporated fold in the coconut with a spatula. Careful not to overmix.

`On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, use a an ice cream scoop to measure out the cookies.

`Bake the cookies at 325′ for about 15 minutes. Or until light golden brown.



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