Love your Furry friend with Clearly Loved Pets

Hi friends! I know many of you have been following along our puppy journey with our sweet Bandit Adventure. I really never expected that we would come home with him at the end of our road trip this summer. We always said we would get a puppy once we were done with our 50 states, yet here we are 49 states down and a new addition to our family.

With this being our first family dog and, not having grown up with dogs, let alone training a puppy, many of you have had questions about how it’s going. Let me just say I’m pretty sure most days he’s training me more than I’m training him, but I let it slide because, well, he’s adorable! When we first got Bandit, we were very pro crate training. From night one, errr, night 4 (haha) he has been sleeping at night in his crate and its made him an amazing sleeper. While I know that the experts (thanks Google) say that it’s a dogs safe place, we really felt that leaving him in there during the day when we had to be out in meetings or at sports would make him resent being in there so much. It became important to me that we had an alternative option.

We talked endlessly about getting a play pen for him to be in when we needed to know where he was, but couldn’t keep an eye on him (potty training in full effect) and when we were out during the day.

Enter Clearly Loved Pets!! I searched long and hard for a play pen that would allow him not to feel “caged in,” and where he could see me while I’m working or cooking dinner. It reduces any anxiety he might have about not being able to see me and I’m not worrying whose tennis shoes he might be chewing on. It’s an added bonus that it’s a stunning design and fits in so well with the aesthetic of our home. It was important to me that it fit with the style of our decor.

Clearly Loved Pets’ flagship product, our “clear” paneled, over-sized dog pen, addresses the need to protect your pet, and your home, while you are away. The design is intended for use in a family room, or other central location, so your pet does not feel disconnected from the home and family he/she wants to protect. Most importantly, the guilty feeling of “caging” your dog is gone, as you ensure safety with a comfortable, beautiful, relaxing, “bedroom” for your dog(s). – Clearly Loved Pets

Does he love it?


To help him adjust to his fun new play spot, we got him some new toys, a fun new pillow bed and made the space comfy and cozy for him. During the first few days we would leave the door open when he wasn’t in there so he could bring his toys in and out, and then we would leave him in for short periods of time while we were home and busy. This helped him to know that this is a fun spot where he can play, but still be apart of what’s going on around him. Added bonus, the acrylic walls make it easy for him to see us while he plays.

Now he goes in an out on his own to take a nap and play with his toys. I’ve left him in there while I’ve run errands and he doesn’t whine, he plays with his toys or takes a nap. Just like our little kiddos need time to play by themselves or rest, puppies need the same.

Is it easy to assemble?

YES! It took two of us and you can watch the unboxing and assembling HERE, but we didn’t find it difficult to put together. I think I could’ve put it together myself, but it’s always more fun with two!

Does it come in various sizes, shapes, and colors?

YES! There are 4 different colors the Clearly Loved Pets play pen comes in, several sizes and also 2 heights for your acrylic walls. We opted for the 24″ walls since Bandit will not be more than 15-18lbs so we don’t anticipate him jumping over it or being too tall for it.

Does Bandit pee in his pen?

Bandit has not pee’d in his fun, new space. He was 95% potty trained when we started using it more consistently vs. the crate. I also think that having toys and blankets that smell like him and us and his crate inside his pen might have helped. It smells familiar so he treats it like his crate, a safe place he can sleep and play. We also don’t put food and water in there when we’re gone.

If you have a sweet furry friend, Clearly Loved Pets play pen is a must have in your home. Give yourself and your sweet puppy peace of mind while you’re home and while you’re gone with their own little stylish safe play space.

Be sure to check out our IGTV Unboxing video.

xo, Alissa

Thank you to Clearly Loved Pets for sending us a beautiful play pen for our sweet Bandit to review. I only share products on my blog and social media that I love and companies that I believe in and stand behind. I’m always grateful when our readers check out the brands we collaborate with.