Celebrating TWO. Mr. Man Style

This year we celebrated Brayden’s birthday with a Mr. Man theme. Complete with bow ties and mustaches. As crazy as it sounds I decided on the theme after his 1st birthday and have been waiting a whole year to put it all together.
I love parties!!
Let’s face it, they are just a really good reasons for Mommy’s to show off their crafting and party planning skills.
Then a couple months ago I was shopping for fabric and I found this fabulous orange with white polka dot fabric, and orange, aqua blue and brown stripe fabric that I fell in love with and I knew the whole party would be centered around them.
Sometimes all it takes is a little piece of inspiration to bring the whole party together.
This is the first year we’ve ever had a photographer at one of our parties and let me tell you….
it makes all the difference!! When I’m busy running around and don’t have time to take pictures, it’s great to have a professional around. This year we fortunate to have Miranda D Photography at the party to take all our pictures. She did an amazing job! She was even able to get the birthday boy to smile, which is a feat of it’s own. If you still haven’t your holiday photos, I highly recommend her!!

All the amazing desserts were created by Jacqui from Baby Boy Bakery. If you haven’t met Jacqui yet, she needs to be at the top of your list for all your future events! She creates delicious, organic desserts. The cake alone at Brayden’s party deserves a post of its own. Jacqui’s flavors will leave you unable to suppress the urge to have only one.
A party is not a party with out party favors and a photo booth, right? Of course, not! So we had both! I used this tutorial to create all the bow ties and my amazing friend made all these awesome mustaches for me. They were a hit at the photo booth.
This is my Mom and I. Isn’t she so fun?!! And below are the beautiful and talented Baby Boy Bakery and Miranda D Photography.
And here’s a few that I took…
Brayden’s super cute tie t-shirt and all the photo shoot mustaches were created by my friend Erin. The shirt was so cute, it had a tie on the front and a 2 on the back. The plan was to take the vest off in time for cake, but little man wanted to keep his vest on.

Happy 2nd Birthday little man! We love you so much!