Brownie Covered Oreos {A Super Yummy Recipes}

Tomorrow we are hosting a Couple Wedding Shower at our home for our good friends who are getting married next weekend. I love to bake and so I baked, frosted, sprinkled and decorated 24 cupcakes and the I decided to try a new recipe… Oreo Covered Brownies. They looked so yummy on Pinterest that I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

~ Brownie Mix
~ Eggs
~ Oil
~ Water
~ Pam Spray
~ Oreos

1. Grab your ingredients. I love Ghiardelli chocolate so using their brownie mix was a no brainer for me. Their rich chocolate flavor tastes amazing.

2. Mix your ingredients together.

Oh my goodness, doesn’t that look amazing! I want to eat it out of the bowl.

3. Spray your cupcake pans generously with Pam spray. Sorry for my dirty pans, I had just finished baking chocolate cupcakes. You forgive me, right?

4. Grab your Oreos and a spoon (I used a ladle). The spoon will help you cover the Oreo with brownie mix and move it from the bowl to the pan.

5. I dipped the first half of the Oreo using my fingers and then used the spoon to cover it with brownie mix.

6. Place your Oreos in the cupcake pan and then bake them. They bake quickly so I wouldn’t put them in the oven for more than 12-15 minutes.

7. When they are done cooking use a plastic knife to cut around the edges of each Oreo covered brownie to make it easier to get them out of the pan when they cool.

Once your Oreo Covered Brownies are cooled, remove them from the pan and enjoy!!

Here’s how they looked on the dessert table at the shower. What do you think?