Brayden Turns 8 at Sender One

Funny story… If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my stealth skills sneaking into Costco last week and ordering a cake without a membership. Thank you to those of you who let me know you can actually walk in free and clear any day of the week, it’s when you walk out that you need the card to check out. Guess quitting my day job to become a spy is out now. All that aside, I got my cake ordered and I even snuck in a few samples while on my “mission”.

Side note, when the Costco bakery tells you to put quotations around the wording you want on your cake, don’t! You just might find yourself with a cake that has writing in quotation marks on it…. yes that really happened. Then again, you should probably also double check that you know what age your child is turning or you might put the wrong number on the cake, yup, that also happened. *facepalm

Superhero party decorBrayden Superhero Decor

This time of year is always so stressful. The holidays are approaching, lot’s of events are happening at the school, work is crazy and then there’s, family photos and Brayden’s birthday party. Normally, I’m throwing something together last-minute, nope, not this year. This year, rather than doing a huge class party, we opted for a smaller group of boys that he spends most of his time with inside and outside of school. Brayden has been asking on repeat to go back to Sender One, which is an incredible + local indoor wall climbing facility that has a whole area dedicated to kids!

We had it all planned weeks before the celebration! This is because Sender One took care of all the details for me! They have a party planner on site who will set up your party decor for you, trained climbers on hand to harness the kids and help them climb during the party AND, because they have party themes to choose from, I was able to select the superhero theme and not have to worry about transforming the room for the party! We just got to spend time with the parents who stayed to hang out and enjoy watching the kids climb.

Sender One ClimbingIMG_2065

Sender City has so many fun climbing walls for the kids with different themes to make the experience more fun and interactive for them. We might’ve had a small group, but they climbed non stop for over an hour before we stopped to enjoy pizza and cake. When you book a party at Sender One, they block out the climbing time for just your party so they have free reign of the climbing room, which is so great because no one had to wait in line to climb.

Sender One Climbing 2IMG_2158

How cute is this group?!

If you live in Orange County, CA, and you’re looking for a great spot to host a party, Sender One is the place to go for your celebration. Not only does their party planner and staff do a great job taking care of the details of your party, they have party themes you can pre-select (one less thing to think about), they cater food, you can have a company that will bring in party characters who will walk around and interact with the kids while they climb and a cake vendor, allowing you to show up and no worry about a single detail!

Brayden cake and candlesIMG_2195

Look at that sweet smile! I can’t even handle how big my baby is getting and it’s bittersweet that this is the last time I’ll celebrate my child turning 8 so I’m soaking in every minute of it. Yesterday we celebrated at school with his class and his teacher (who I love so much) went around the room and asked the kids to speak affirmations into Brayden’s life. 2 minutes and lots of tears later, they summed up my favorite attributes of our son. He is smart, a good friend, nice, thinks about others, generous, perfectly gifted from God, funny, courteous, kind to others, never gives up and he’s inquisitive and always asking questions to absorb as much as he can.


Brayden, you are so loved, so cherished and your daddy and I are so honored that God chose you to be part of our family and we get to enjoy your thirst for knowledge, your love for Jesus and your family and the amazing gifts and talents God has given you. We love you B!

xo, Alissa