Blue is Your Color & Other Random Thoughts


outfit details: dress . shoes . sunglasses . necklace

Recently I met a girlfriend on a whim to try the latest and greatest Avocado Toast spot, as one does when they reside in Southern California. We can’t seem to get enough of our healthy breakfast options, and it only takes some of my favorite local IG gal pals posting about what their eating for me to make a trip of my own. Working from home you would think that I would have time to try out all kinds of fun, local spots, but alas, I’m often chained to my dinning room table working. I clearly need to get out more, I mean, just look at how white my legs are. I was almost (almost!) too embarrassed to post these photos, but this dress is perfection and so I couldn’t resist. After all I wouldn’t want to keep y’all from having the perfect dress in your closet too.


Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably like, this dress again? Umm, yes! Because it’s awesome! Not only is this dress flattering and the fabric really soft and comfortable, but it’s double layered, which makes it a dress you’ll want to wear often. You should take my word for it, after all, in the last 2 weeks, I’ve worn it 4 times. There’s no shame in my game, babes! Hubby’s, if you’re reading this, your wife needs this dress!


I also snagged the cutest pair of sunglasses recently. I seem to have a sunglass obsession, something I’m sure none of you struggle with. Any suggestions on how to kick the problem, I’m all ears. Not really (sorry hubby!). I have preface by saying, I didn’t get them for free, I paid for them and they’re so affordable. They have a ton of styles and they range from $50-$70. Whoop!

Did you notice I went blonde recently? It’s still “in process,” but so far I’m thinking that blondes really do have more fun *wink. Should we keep it or go back to red?

Ok babes! I’m out, have the best day!

xo, Alissa