Birthdays, Date Nights and Fig & Olive



It’s funny how as you get older, birthdays become a wonderful excuse to get out of the house. I think we get so caught up in the day to day grind that it’s so easy to forget how important it is to date your spouse. To look at them and engage with them in a real way, not over the top of a phone. Lately I’ve seen so many of my friends making it a point to go out each week, and while we do our best to throw in a date night or a lunch date, it’s certainly not each week.

Yesterday my love celebrated his 31st birthday. What a youngin’ right? Sheesh! Just thinking about all the amazing things he’s accomplished in the 10 years I’ve known him has me smiling big from the inside out. After spending the day working, you know, dealing with the day to day grind, Kyle’s Mom came over and watched the littles so we could head out for a “night on the town.” Which really means, where you’re old fogies like us, dinner and if we can stay awake, a movie. hahaha

Ever since Fig & Olive opened in Newport Beach, I’ve been dying to head in there and test out their delicious menu. It certainly lived up to it’s impeccable reputation!! Not only were we there, enjoying ourselves and our meal for 3 hours, but we tried several things on the menu at our waitresses recommendation, ran into friends who were also out to dinner, met the most darling older couple sitting at the table next to us and got to hear some of their love story, but we also had the delight of meeting the General Manager. From the Italian inspired ambiance in each dinning hall to the attention to detail with each dish they serve, this might be my new favorite local restaurant and I can’t wait to go back!

We had such a wonderful night together and while we forgot to take a picture together, I did end up buying this dress and wearing it and Kyle loved it too!!

If you’re looking for a great restaurant try in the Orange County area, I highly recommend Fig & Olive! I’ll even give you some delicious suggestions from the menu. We enjoyed the olives, bread and olive oil, the seared sea scallops, beef carpaccio, truffle risotto, rosemary lamb chops with goat cheese and chive gnocchi, sautéed spinach and a couple of the desserts on the menu. Yes, we split it all and loved every bite.

Now with Friday coming to a close, we’re excited for the weekend ahead. More celebrating with weddings and BBQ’s!

Happy Birthday Boo!!! Love you so much!!! Here’s to the next 70 birthdays together.

xo, Alissa