Arcona Skin Care

Benefits of using Arcona skin care


Ok friends, I know I hinted around a new skin care line I’ve been using during our coffee date two weeks ago and I’m so sorry I’m just now sharing it with you. I seriously wish I would’ve know just how incredible this line would be on my face and thought to take a before picture for you…. for me even!

So let me back up if you’re popping by for the first time today. A couple weeks ago the hubs whisked me away to Ojai for a spa birthday celebration weekend and while we were there I had signed up for an anti-aging facial. No flack people, I turned 34, it plays with your head. So back to my facial, as I laid there relaxing while this super sweet woman applied these soothing products to my face, I know it’s crazy, but I began to feel a difference just in the one hour we had together. It prompted me to ask her more about the products, what they do, if they were all natural and guess what you guys, they are!

Arcona’s goals are to exfoliate, hydrate, protect, cleanse and regenerate! And what’s more their products were created with the belief that you are what you put into your skin. Y’all I totally believe this! Did you know that your skin is the fastest way your body absorbs anything? This is one of the biggest reasons I made the switch to Emani make up last year. Arcona skin care was created with organic, all natural ingredients that actively work together to deliver positive results for your skin. I mean, who doesn’t want positive results for their skin?



One of my biggest struggles with skin care is not that I don’t want to clean my face, I do, and I know I need to, my struggle is how many steps the different skin care lines I’ve researched tell me I need to take and to be honest I’m tired just listening. I need a skin care line that’s short, sweet and to the point, is working with me, not against me and is made up of natural, organic elements.

So after hearing that Arcona had a skin care line for me to try where I would be using no more than 3 steps at at time, I sang from the rooftops! After discussing further, I learned that if I purchased the travel kit, it would be the equivalent of a 6 week trial period with the products. So I bit the bullet and went for it! Knowing full well that my skin is sensitive and that I’ve been struggling for the first time in my whole life with some acne issues, I knew change needed to happen.



You guys I’m not lying when I tell you that 3 days, THREE days after using the product, my husband told me that my skin looked amazing and asked what I was doing differently!! What?! He doesn’t even notice when I get my hair cut and colored. Ladies, that’s called a win, win!

I highly recommend trying out one of their travel kits! They have kits available for oily, dry, normal and problem skin. I promise, this is not a sponsored post, I’m not getting a kick back of what ever you purchase, this is simply just one woman sharing with her friends something that has changed my life in such a positive way. You never know, you just might try it and become addicted too.

Be sure to check them out! and…. you’re welcome!

xo, Alissa