Nutramilk Recipe: Almond Butter Acai Bowl

I received The Nutramilk for the purpose of creating delicious and healthy for you recipes using nut butters and nut milk, but all my opinions are my own. I only share about products I believe you’ll love and enjoy.

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New year, new you. Isn’t that how the good ol’ saying goes? The reality is that while we often set great goals at the beginning of the year, they tend to fall by the wayside as the year progresses. Days turn into weeks, then months and before you know it, you’ve fallen off the healthy wagon. What if we challenged ourselves to eat better and then appointed someone to hold you accountable? Maybe you could hold each other accountable because let’s face it, making a plan and sticking to it is legit hard, especially when you feel like you’re doing it alone.

Almond Butter Acai Bowl with Nutramilk

In our home, we’ve been really working towards eating more organically, healthier, more portion control and while I can’t stand peanut butter, I’ve developed a love for almond butter. The downside is that it can be very expensive to buy in the store. Enter The Nutramilk. This incredible and new to the market machine can take any nut and turn it into a nut better or even nut milk in under 15 minutes. In fact, I have made almond butter in under 12 minutes and it tastes delicious. It’s less oily, doesn’t dry out and, without all the preservatives, you get an authentic almond butter taste, combined with the perfect texture.

The nut butters and milks you create are easy to store and re-use in all kinds of great recipes that are easy to make at home. Recently I made almond butter açaí bowls for my family and they were a huge hit. All organic, all made from scratch in under 15 minutes. No different from you taking the time to cook pancakes. Now I’m not knocking pancakes, they’re a staple in our home, but this was a lighter, healthier option and it was delicious.

Nutramilk Recpe

Here’s what you need:

  • The Nutramilk
  • 2 cups Raw Almonds
  • organic granola
  • frozen açaí
  • goji berries
  • organic honey
  • mint

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Using your Nutramilk, add 2 cups of raw almonds, set your machine to 12 minutes, hit “Butter” and watch your machine turn your almonds into creamy almond butter
  2. Remove almond butter from the Nutramilk. I use a spatula to scoop it out. Don’t worry about cleaning it completely as you’re going to add some almond butter back in
  3. Add your açaí and 1/2 cup of almond butter into your Nutramilk, put it on 2 minutes and hit “Butter”
  4. Once mixed, put your açaí and almond butter mix into bowl. Sprinkle granola, goji berries and organic honey over the top, spruce it with mint and you’re ready to serve!

nutramilk recipe

almond butter açaí bowl: Nutramilk

Do you have any other favorite nut butter and nut milk recipes? I’d love for yo auto share them so I can try them in my home too.

xo, Alissa