A new chapter dawns


 . photo by Miranda North .

Hi! And welcome to the new space. I’m so glad you popped by. For those of you who knew me, once apon a time as Rags to Stitches, it’s still me, just a more mature version of myself I guess you could say. To be honest, since closing the shop September of 2012, I’ve been struggling with a bit of an identity crisis. See, I still sew, but I don’t blog about sewing anymore and this space has truly become a reflection of my passions. In the process I realized that I’m an addict.

Aren’t we all to some degree?

My biggest addictions and the ones you’ll see me share the most about here in this space are my family and my faith. The path that my faith and my love for Jesus is one filled with the notion that being wrecked by Him is the only way He can truly make me whole. And then my family. My people who at the end of the day, love me in spite of myself and the crazy I sometimes put them through.


. photo by Miranda North .

Therefore, I’m pleased to unveil Diary of an Addict. We’ll discuss the joys and fails of parenthood; the struggle of working out and personal acceptance; balancing family, business, blogging, and faith; keeping it real while letting stuff go. Oh, and we’ll talk a lot about food and my journey from Frozen Food Cook to Made From Scratch Chef.

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to create in this new space. There’s something wonderful about taking a leap of faith and starting something new. And while this adventure is new, it still feels familiar. I’m still me, Alissa, and I hope you will stick around and share in this new journey with me.

To help you get to know the new space. If you love joining me for coffee on Fridays, then you’ll have to check out the Video space on my sidebar. That’s where all my coffee date vlogs are stored for your viewing pleasure. If you’re looking to grow your blog and business, be sure to check out my Consult page and book a session with yours truly. If you’re on the fence, be sure to check out what others have to say.

Coming soon is a space I’m so excited about. Local Nods. Here I’ll be sharing with you all the amazing local spots I visit and enjoy coffee or delicious food at in the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County areas. So when you come visit me, you’ll know where to go.

See I wasn’t kidding when I said this new space is amazing, right?!

I owe it to some very amazing people. I’d like to thank my husband for putting up with my crazy and pushing me to be who I am destined to be and loving me through it. I’d like to thank my amazing designer, who helped me get this entire site designed and my content over from Rags to Stitches despite all the drama Host Gator kept causing. Ivana, you are amazingly talented! And I’d like to thank Miranda, for helping me brainstorm and style all the photography for the launch. All the beautiful head shots and sidebar photos were all taken by her. She saw my vision from the moment I spoke it and helped me run with it. Thank you!! If you’re local, call her!

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xo, Alissa

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