A Baker’s Dream {A Guest Post}

Hi Friends. Friends, Meet Jacqui from Baby Boy Bakery. Jacqui, meet my amazing readers. As you all know I’m hanging with my entire family getting ready for my brother’s wedding, but I’m so excited for today’s guest post. Jacqui is sharing her favorite 3 dessert recipes. Holla!!!  Y’all know how much I love my desserts and I can’t wait to try some of these amazing ones Jacqui is sharing with you. Enjoy!
Get ready to crave dessert… you have been warned. hehe
Hola ‘Rags to Stitches’ lovers! My name is Jacqui and I am founder of ‘Baby Boy Bakery’. I consider myself an organic momma and baker as I only use organic and pure ingredients when possible in my kitchen. My passion for momma-hood and organic baking has combined to create ‘baby boy bakery’.

I am so excited to contribute a guest post for you all while the amazing Alissa is spending time with family. I myself love ‘Rags to Stitches’ boutique and feel so blessed to take this leap with you all as I share my business and favorite desserts. I hope to inspire you with my whimsy desserts and fantastic frosting recipe. I look forward to hearing positive feedback from all you ‘Rags to Stitches’ readers.

Over at my bakery & blog ‘Baby Boy Bakery’ we love everything dessert! What better way to begin this friendship of ours than to discuss my top 3 desserts we make at ‘Baby Boy Bakery’?! I will start with detailing my favorites and how I was inspired to create them and end with a delish frosting recipe you can whip up to impress your guests at your next party.

#1: ‘Suga & Spice’ Cupcakes
We all love our selves some cupcakes right?! And who doesn’t love a warm churro?! My ultimate favorite is combining those two in what I like to call my ‘suga and spice’ cupcake. When I was growing up my favorite treat was a bunuelo which is a fried tortilla coated with cinnamon and sugar. My grandma used to make them for us all the time and I remember stumbling into the kitchen like one of those cartoon characters hypnotized by the delicious scent wafting through the air. I created this cupcake based on that exact memory and the outcome is even better. It is a brown sugar butter cake topped with a cinnamon spice butter cream and bunuelo topping. YUM!

#2: ‘Cookies & Milk’ Cake Pops
In college, my boyfriend Dan and I would sneak over to each other’s dorms in the middle of the night to talk about nothing and everything! He would bring over Oreos and I would serve the milk. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach when he knocked at my door. This memory will forever be a favorite. Inspired by that romantic college memory, I created a cake pop flavor called ‘cookies and milk’. It is your classic cookies and cream combo, with lots of sappy love mixed in. These pops have a rich milk chocolate cake & cookie center, coated with white chocolate and topped with chocolate sandwich cookies. These cake pops are the raining number one fav with our family…and are near and dear to my heart.

#3: Yogurt Parfaits
Our children inspire us daily and I can truly say my son has me amazed everyday! In our house healthy food is a priority and I am committed to making my son’s baby food with the upmost organic and whole grained goodness I can find. But I make dessert for a living. And although we bake with that same health conscious mentality I can’t go feeding my babe cake and cookies! This is unfair because babes deserve dessert too! So, I began making yogurt parfaits for dessert and in the end the whole family enjoyed them! Our favorite is the roasted banana & mango parfait! The recipe is on my blog.

Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting
I want to go out with a bang and leave you my favorite frosting recipe! I love this frosting for several reasons; it is super simple to make, everyone is impressed with it and it tastes amazing on any cake flavor (or by itself). Yes, I have been known to eat this frosting before it can even decorate a cake….oops!

1 8oz package of organic cream cheese
2 sticks of organic sweet cream butter
2 vanilla bean pods
4 cups powdered sugar

Whip cream cheese and butter together (make sure both are at room temperature)
Scrape vanilla beans from pods and mix into the cream and butter
Add sugar one cup at a time until frosting is completely incorporated.
Seriously that’s it…enjoy!

Click on the pictures for links back to my blog for recipes and more information on these desserts and more organic delish goodies made at ‘Baby Boy Bakery’. Thank you guys!  I hope to hear from you!