Hold Up, Wait a Minute, Put a Little Love in it!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m sure you’re all frantically running around trying to figure out how to get gifts together for all the kids in your child’s classroom, their teachers and friends. Every year I cringe when I walk through the aisles at Target one week after Christmas, and see pink. With the head whipping way we jump from season to season, there out to be wine served as you shop just to help you ease into the next holiday you’re supposed to jump through hoops to make amazing for you kids. Does it ever end? When can we tell them the tooth fairy doesn’t exist?! Oh, wait, different holiday.


Here are five ways to get through the holiday seasons with flying colors and impress all your friends while you’re at it.

1. See that Strawberry Mimosa cocktail above, ya, you’re gonna need a blender full, but the plus side is that it’ll keep you sane. If you are avoiding booze right now, try making it with Martinelli’s, I bet it tastes just as yummy!

2. Who doesn’t love to bake? I love baking and, as the kids have gotten older, I don’t feel like pulling my hair out when they    want to help. If you’re not sure your can handle it, see #1, I promise it’ll help.


3.  Treat yourself. No one knows the stress the holiday season takes on your crows feet better than you. Beautycounter has a great skin care regimen called Countermatch (on sale til Feb 1) that has a technology in it that, when product is applied, it can sense your skin’s needs and adapt to meet those needs. Plus… it’s anti-aging!!! Safe, non-toxic and a product even your grandma would love. Be sure to snag some body shimmer and our new lipgloss/lipstick set while you’re there, to cover up the stress and feel good while doing it.

PicMonkey Collage

4. After you’ve made yourself a strawberry mimosa (see #1), dig into a fun Valentine’s Day project/gift for the kids in your kids classroom. Man, that’s a mouthful. This is cute, fun, inexpensive and …. well, will make you look like a rock star  Mom. Or you can do this one, which is the cute Valentine idea I’m running with this year.


5. Let’s not forget dinner on Valentine’s Day. We usually go out to celebrate a few days before or after Valentine’s Day to avoid the crowds, so I always love a fun, delicious meal to make for the family the night of. This lasagna is so good, worth the prep time and, if you want, I’ve also made it in the crock pot and that works too! So you could make this the day before, shove it in the fridge, then turn on your crock pot and voila, dinner!

How are you celebrating this year?

xo, Alissa