5 Things

1. I’m currently obsessed  with my new Anchor Sweatshirt c/o The Printed Palette. I put it on the moment + haven’t taken it off since. I may never take it off, except to shower and even then I’d be tempted not to shower. #comfytothemax

2. This Nixon gold watch was an early surprise gift from the hubby! He did good… very good!

3. So my current obsessive debate, to iPad Mini for the kids for Christmas or not? Good learning tools, can use it for a long time, but are they too young? Talk amongst yourselves, I want to hear the good, the bad and the just go for it!

4. I’m pretty sure I need to make these babies every day of the week! Cinnamon Apple Fries? I mean, duh?!

5. Y’all know how much I love hate to craft with the kids, but I think these Jazzy Hangers would be so fun to make with them! I see lots of yarn in my future!

Don’t be shy, tell me… what are your five things you’re crushing on?