5 Minute Beauty Routine

5 Minute Beauty Routine

If you’re like me and prefer to be no mess no fuss when it comes to your make up routine, but you love leaving your home feeling put together, this is a great beauty routine for you. It takes me no more than 5 minutes and, not only do I feel like I’ve made an effort before leaving my home, but the Dew Skin has an SPF 20, giving my face the extra protection it needs. Having light skin, light eyes and freckles, I’m prone to, well, more freckles and sunburns so I love having an SPF in my beauty routine. The products I’m sharing above are also safe and natural for your skin. While the US FDA only bans 11 ingredients from products being sold in the market, Beautycounter has vowed to avoid using over 1,300 ingredients in their products. I’ve been using them for over a year and have loved the results on my skin. If you’re interested in knowing more, email me @ a@alissacircle.com

But back to your 5 Minute beauty routine.

  1. Begin by using the Dew Skin, one pump will provide great face and neck coverage. You can use this brush, or I just use my fingers to rub it in.
  2. Next use the Tint Skin Foundation for additional coverage
  3. Then the concealer. I use this under my eyes and if I have any pimples I’m covering up, which hasn’t really happened since I switched to Beautycounter
  4. Next Up, blush! This ones my favorite because it has a bronzer and blush color combined
  5. Finally, mascara. No it’s not Beautycounter, but I love the length and thickness it provides. I also love the name! #wink

Voila! You’re ready for the day! I love how quick and easy this beauty routine is!

xo, Alissa