4 Reasons to Attend Go Blog Social {A Recap}


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City, MO, to speak at Go Blog Social Conference. Unlike other conferences I’ve spoken at, Pollinate Media, our company, was also a sponsor at the conference. Wanting to create a space for people to come relax + re-charge with us, we hosted a re-charging lounge, complete with custom charging stations that could power your iPhones, Androids and other devices from red to green at 5% every minute. Erin, Summer and I all attend the conference together and we loved having the opportunity to meet so many amazing women and hear their stories.

Friday morning the conference kicked off with delicious coffee roast and fresh cream, which was the perfect way to settle my nerves as I was up first to speak! I spent a lot of time praying and talking to Kyle about what I wanted to say. I feel so honored to have this platform to share with others and beyond having the chance to share my story from self taught sewer and blogger in the maker/crafter space to CEO of my own company, I also spoke about finding your voice, braving a re-brand or change, finding ways to do things for yourself and why I feel I have it all.

To all the amazing ladies who attended, thank you for not only listening to me tell my story, but for coming and sharing your story with me! I left the conference feeling so inspired and my cup was overflowing.


| Dress – borrowed // Shoes: Enzo Angiolini Pumps |

I often times have people ask me about attending conferences. Should I go? Are they important? What if I’m an introvert and don’t know how to meet people? My answer is always the same. YES! Go! Get out of your comfort zone because y’all it’s so worth it! We were created to be relational, to desire to connect with others. You’re not the only one that’s nervous and it hoping to connect with someone. Everyone else is right there with you. I remember the first conference I went to, SNAP! Conference 3 years ago. It was the first year of the conference and I had wanted to attend soooo badly and even though I’m an extrovert I was still nervous as hell. I had met people online and had agreed to room with them, but all I could think about leading up to it was a mixture of, I can’t believe I’m doing this and is this a good idea? 

I look back on that weekend with no regrets! Those ladies have turned into some of my best friends. Ladies who I text on a regular and sometimes daily basis. We have shared joys, sorrows, successes and struggles. All things I would’ve missed if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and taken the leap!

So here are 4 Reasons why you should attend a conference:

1.) You get to experience something NEW!

From new friends to conversations with great brands that you might end up building long term relationships with, you’re opening up the door to something you otherwise would miss out on by following the conference hashtag.


| Elizabeth Bag with Gold Hardware from Lily Jade |

2.) You’ll meet amazing people!

I’ve been working with Lily Jade since they founded their company over 18 months ago and I had the opportunity to meet both Meggan and Landon at the conference and they are incredible people! Another entrepreneurial couple like my husband and I, we found we had so much in common both personally and professionally. Meggan is a sweet and genuine person and we’re now BFF’s! Conferences bring people together in a beautiful way.

3.) You’ll leave inspired and ready to take on your dreams

You can’t be around others who share the same passions as you and not go home inspired and ready to take on the world. Plus you get to hear the speakers share their stories and wisdom to help you find the tools to pursue your dreams.

4.) You get to enjoy a break from being a wife and a mama (no guilt mama’s) and take time to re-charge and re-fill your cup just by spending some time surrounded by others who share the same passions as you.


 all photos by Mary Verett Photography


If you’re in the midwest I highly recommend checking out Go Blog Social and attending the conference next year.

With the trip to Kanas City to speak and sponsor Go Blog Social planned, I decided to head to town a couple days early so that I could fit in a day of meetings with clients. Since I knew I was going to be away from home and staying the first night alone, I wanted to find a great hotel located in the heart of the city, within walking distance of great restaurants and shopping. Having grown up immersed in the hotel industry (my dad worked for Sheraton and Raddison) I love staying in hotels that have a hip and modern vibe from the lobby to the hallway carpets, with comfy beds and a great workout facility.

The AC Hotel in Kansas City invited me to stay with them during my stay in Kansas City and I couldn’t resist their great modern vibe! Plus we had the opportunity to stay in the hotel only a week and a half after their grand opening!! Located in the heart of Westport, the AC Hotel is minutes from some fantastic restaurants and less than a 5 minute drive from the Plaza, an outdoor shopping mall.

IMG_6965 IMG_6964 IMG_6962IMG_6798 IMG_6804

The workout facility was great and had all new machines and weights so I was able to squeeze in some great workouts on my trip. Since I was on California time, by the time I would get to the gym it was empty so I was able to get some circuit training in. And since I can’t resist eating my way through new cities I travel to, having a place to work off some of those calories is a must! The AC Hotel also serves a delicious European style breakfast, complete with meats and cheeses, croissants straight from France and frittata options. And since we all know I have an obsession with comfortable pillows, I will say that I slept like a baby surrounded by their pillows – always a plus, am I right?!

Kansas City offered much more than I had expected and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my stay here. Stay tuned for some of my favorite places I visited during my 4 day stay.

Have you been to Kansas City? What are your “go to” spots to visit?

xo, Alissa