31 Bits this Mother’s Day

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Some days it feels as though motherhood knocks the breath right out of you. It’s leaves you in awe of its beauty and power and yet terrifies you as well. It’s the beauty that captivates me and leaves me anticipating what comes next. As I lay with my kids each night, snuggling with them before bed I’m reminded of just how precious this gift of life is and how God could’ve given these two gifts to anyone yet He saw me fit to give them to me.

But it takes a village to raise a child and I truly believe it’s more than just the moments spent with me, but the ones spent with other mommies as well. It’s what they learn from spending time in their friends homes and the love and joy they experience there. It’s the hugs and affirmation they get from their teachers at school and at church. While I want to be all they need, I know that there are going to be other “mommies” in their life who will help shape them into the people they will become and I find an odd comfort in that.

I think you can never truly be prepared for what motherhood gives you and how it guys you. It breaks you open leaving your heart feeling exposed and raw because the love you’re feeling is something like you’ve never experienced before. It leaves you frustrated, sad, overjoyed and heartbroken and constantly wondering if you’re doing it right. Over night you become a caretaker, nurturer, healer, comforter, teacher, nurse, mentor and a student. You’re life with throw you more curve balls and fast balls than it will slow pitches that allow you to feel ready for what’s next.

On one hand I want to hide them and protect them from everything outside our nest, cocoon them in our little world where they are safe from harm. I want to shelter them from others who might hurt their feelings and from the dangers in the world. I think about mistakes I’ve made growing up and want more for them, but realize that the harder I hold, the more they will yearn to break free. Teaching them to love big, guard their hearts and listen to the Holy Spirit are things I cling to.

With this Mother’s Day approaching I’m honored to be one of 31 Bits Super Hero #BitsMoms. To be honored for embracing the messiness and the constant need for grace is something that resonates deep in my heart. And to have the opportunity to share this day with incredible women and mom’s who are empowered each day through the 31 Bits organization is something truly phenomenal. I hope you’ll take a moment and read more about them and the incredible work they are doing in Uganda.

xo, Alissa