3 Tips for Hiring Your Dream Team

3 Tips for Hiring Your Dream Team

In my coaching sessions people often stress to me their frustrations over feeling as though their bandwidth is taxed, they have no room to manage more. They tell me they know they need to hire someone, but in the past when they’ve added to their team it hasn’t worked out as they had hoped. This is the point in the conversation when I ask what they hired the person to do to help them out. The conversation moves to the person just not being a right fit or having to micromanage them all the time. This happens often in cases where you hire the wrong person for your team because you didn’t know what kind of person you needed to hire to begin with. That and you need to learn to relinquish control.

I’m going to share three tips with you that will help you hire the right person from the start, but it’s really, really important that when you hire this person that you let them do the job you hired them to do, take the time to train them right and then empower them to thrive in the position. That’s a whole other conversation and one we will be having soon.

Step One: Map Your Business

When you’re growing your business, hiring people should be seen as a success not a stress! Don’t feel guilty for needing to hire someone to clean your house or watch your kids for a few hours so you can focus 100% on your work. What’s better, being with them, but only 50% or even 25% present or hiring someone so you can focus on getting your work done quickly and efficiently so that you can be 100% present when you’re with them?

Mapping your business is the first important step towards hiring your dream team. If you don’t know the daily inner workings of all aspects of your business, how can you figure out where you need the most help? Start here.

mapping template
Diary of an Addict Map

Step Two: Highlight

Now that you’ve mapped it all out, take a highlighter and highlight all the areas that are overwhelming you. I promise, as you start highlighting, you’ll see a pattern of duties that will lead you to who you need to hire. Maybe it’s an assistant (local or virtual), a photographer, nanny or even a house cleaner. I’ve created an example below from an old map I created when I was looking towards hiring an assistant or virtual assistant.

Diary of an Addict Map highlighted

Step Three: Create a Job Description

Using the areas you highlighted on your map, create a job description and title for the person you want to hire. Keep in mind that you might end up making multiple job descriptions and that’s ok. Hire one at a time as you find the right rock stars for your dream team. Now when you’re in the searching process, you know what type of person you need for your team. You know what skills they need and can ask questions specific to those responsibilities when interviewing.

Trust me when I say that if you’re looking to hire, start with these tips I’m giving you. They work. I have a dream team of 16 people who work for me between the blog and my companies, Pollinate Media and Weave Made Media. Our team not only is invested in the success of the business, but also in the lives of their teammates. It’s a unique company culture, but one that thrives! And you want a team that thrives!

Have you hired some dream people for your team? How did you go about hiring your team?

xo, Alissa

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