3 Reasons to own a Blazer

3 Reasons to own a Blazer

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I’ve always considered myself more of a cardigan girl when it comes to keeping my arms warm as the weather cools. Always worried that anything other than a sweater or cardigan wouldn’t match pieces I already owned in my closet and that it would make me look and feel bulky in my arm and shoulder area. It’s funny how you can love fashion, but it can bring out some of your biggest insecurities right?

In the last year, I’ve really leaned on my “Pocket Stylist,” Ahndea May, to help me branch out my wardrobe and try some new things. She’s taught me so much about my shape, what pieces really flatter my shape, and how to take risks and add some statement pieces to my wardrobe. For me the blazer falls into the taking risks category and the add statement pieces category. After adding it to my wardrobe, I have to say that it’s a great piece to mix in to my wardrobe and I’m glad I let her talk me into it.


Here are my top 3 reasons why you should add a blazer to your wardrobe too:

ONE: A blazer is a great way to dress up any outfit. I could be having a jeans and tee day, but if I need to head into a meeting, I can throw on this blazer and some accessories and voila! a new outfit is born. One that adds some style and sophistication to my jeans and tee day. No one said that just because you own a blazer it means that you have to pair it with a suit. In fact it’s quite the opposite. These days, blazers are the perfect jean and tee compliment.

TWO: Depending on the color of the blazer you purchase, it can allow you to take a risk and add bold color to an outfit you’re wearing, or, if it’s a black, gray or navy blazer, it can help balance out a bolder colored shirt under neigh. For me, I tend to buy tees that are on the plain side, no bold colors or patterns, so this blazer really gets me out of the box and attempting something new with my style.

THREE: Contrary to the belief that the blazer will make you look bulky, I was pleasantly surprise to find myself wrong! I don’t feel bulky in this blazer, in fact, I feel comfortable and confident and I find that the way it’s tailored in at the sides actually helps me to accentuate my smaller waist. I think the key here is finding the right blazer for your body shape so that you can rock it like a boss!


Tell me more…. do you have a blazer in your wardrobe? What are some ways you’re rocking it this fall?

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xo, Alissa