My Word for 2014


 It’s funny because I had every intention of hitting publish on this post yesterday, yet something in my spirt let me to wait. I’m not sure what it was that compelled me to sit on this another day, or almost two. Maybe to fully absorb all that this word has come to mean to me?

Then as I read through my Instagram all day yesterday, there seemed to be a common theme amongst us.

Brave. Fearless. Risk. More. Change. Courage. Bold. 

Do you see it too?

At first I began to think that these similarities came from a feeling of insecurity that came up in 2013. That at some point we needed to hold onto these words in 2014 because we let the previous year get the better of us.

I know for myself, there were points in my year where I look back and can say that there’s some truth to this. That I had to, a more than one point, punch fear in the face (thanks Jon Acuff). In 2013 I faced some decisions and events that really stretched me as a person. As a mom, wife, and especially as a woman in business. I also began a fitness journey that stretched me more often than I can even tell you.

Yet, here I am, staring 2014 in the face and I’m ready to ROAR!

Not because I didn’t do it in 2013
Not because Katy Perry said so
but quite the opposite.
Because I learned to do it.
Because I stared those lions in the face and glared them down.

So as I go back and take another look at these words we’ve picked for 2014, I truly believe that they weren’t picked out of a need to break through some insecurities, although that could be the case and that’s ok too, but we picked them because we’re picking up where we left off in 2013.

We realized that we could do more
accomplish more
love more
laugh more
sing at the top of our lungs more
eat better
workout more
give more
share more

and we want that to happen again in 2014.
We’re not going to take a back seat.
I’m not going to take a back seat.

This year I’ll be stepping out and taking some risks I’ve been hiding behind so I hope you’ll stick around. There’s going to be some BIG changes happening around here.

I’m so grateful for you all.
Let’s make 2014 count!
Are you ready to ROAR with me?