This Weeks Addiction: Your Texas is Showing


All photography by Jenna Lauren Photography

Tank c/o Your Texas is Showing

When your friends start freaking rad businesses and they ask you to model for them, you say yes and then you let Jenna make you look amazing in photos. Your Texas is Showing is an online retail space founded by a family from East Texas with the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to let their Texas pride shine. While I’m not from there, one of my best friends from high school is and I have very fond memories from spending spring break on the Texas A&M campus. If you’ve spent anytime there then you know it’s impossible to visit and not fall in love with the state. In college I would’ve moved there in a heartbeat! But God knew Kyle was in California so he forced my butt to stay put here and I’m so glad I did – but that doesn’t mean I can’t love on Texas from afar, am I right? If you haven’t snagged a tank, tee or beer coozie I suggest you do so, now!

xo, Alissa