This Weeks Addiction

This weeks Gold Obsession

This weeks addiction is anything, everything GOLD! I’m not sure what moved me to join the dark side as I’ve always been a white gold + silver kind of girl, but there’s something about the boldness of the color that rubs off on me in all the right ways. After all, who doesn’t love a dab of bold color here, there and everywhere.

These are just a few of the gold goodies headed to Alt Summit with me this week, so if you spot me be sure to come say Hi. I was tempted to order a gold cover for my laptop and keyboard keys, but I felt that I might be taking my addiction a bit too far. haha Is that even possible? We should discuss this amongst ourselves. Please, someone say you’re in the boat with me and understand the need to drizzle your life with gold accents.

If you’re wondering where each gold beauty is from, I’ve listed them out for you below.

1.) Rose Gold Carryall c/o Freshly Picked: This baby is as soft as it is beautiful! Lined with FP fabric and a pocket for my cell + lipgloss, this baby is going to travel far with me.

2.) Gold Dotted iPhone 6 Cover from Kate Spade. I picked up this beauty at Best Buy when my iPhone 6 arrived + I love it! I also pre-ordered a Gold Mophie, but sadly, it hasn’t arrived yet.

3.) Gold iPad Mini Cover: This is an easy one. Go to Amazon, search gold iPad covers and you’ll be in gold iPad cover heaven!

4.) Gold Stripped Day Designer: A paper planner girl to the CORE. When I saw this baby go on sale, I knew it had to come home to me. Whitney has lots of other colors too, but I promise you the gold one is just lovely!

Now it’s your turn, tell me all about your love for Gold!

xo, Alissa