A Style worth Adopting



If you’ve been a long time reader of Rags to Stitches you probably remember that almost 3 years ago I hosted a raffle on my blog to help some dear friends of our family begin to raise money to go towards the adoption of a baby from South Korea. We saw so many amazing shops come together, donate beautiful products and share this families amazing story. The raffle went for 1 week and we were able to raise $2,500!! Now, three years later, they are celebrating each day with their baby boy Pax, who they brought home after an almost 2 and a half year wait. Their story still gives me chills.

So when the ladies from Kate and Linny came to me asking if I would be interested in sharing Amber and her husband Tim’s story, I said, without a doubt, YES! Tim and Amber have opened a beautiful shop where they make genuine leather goods and the profit from their sales go towards the adoption of a sweet child from China. This week, you can adopt this clutch (at a discounted price) and give it a home. With each clutch sold, they are one step closer to bringing home their little one. Will you help?


Leather Clutch c/o Standard Goods via Kate and Linny

Here’s just a small piece of their beautiful story. I hope you will take a moment to read it and share it. 

My husband and I talked about adoption being a part of our family story from the early days of our engagement. Over the last eight years of marriage (and the birth of our two kids, Sawyer (5) and Jane (2)) the conversation would come up every now and then and this past summer we knew God was telling us it was “go time.” We also felt God leading us to adopt a child with limb difference (missing a leg or arm). My husband is a Prosthetist (builds legs and arms) and we knew God had gifted us with the skills and talents to bless a child with that specific special need. After doing lots of talking and praying and research, we found an agency. Through more talking, prayer and research, the Lord led us to China, where there are many children with limb difference waiting for a mommy and daddy.

So now we are on a long road to China. We are estimating it will cost us about $25,000 to bring our son or daughter home. In order to fund this adventure, we knew we would have to think outside the box a bit…or a lot. Thus, our handmade leather goods shop, “Standard Goods,” was created. Through the grace of God, the sales of our Standard Goods shop, and the generosity of friends, family, and total strangers, we are currently a little over half-way funded. If we can keep the momentum going, we hope to have a match by late Summer and be on a plane to bring our baby home early next year.

How incredible is this story?! Y’all you could make a huge difference in  this families life and the life of their future baby boy or girl by purchasing one of their clutches. This week Amber is being featured as the Mompreneur of the week at Kate and Linny and Amber and her husband are offering a gracious discount on their beautiful genuine leather clutches as they share their adoption story and raise the funds they need to bring their baby home. They also have other beautiful leather items in their shop and with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, their store offers the perfect gifts. I’m even thinking of ordering this beauty for myself! 

Now that we’ve pulled on your heartstrings, go pull your wallet out and do a little shopping.

xo, Alissa