Style: It’s in the Bag


| all photography by Miranda North Photography |

I’ve always had a deep love for big, oversized purses. Blame it on the “Mom” in me, but my addiction to large bags has only grown since having my children. While other’s were feeling weighed down by diaper bags, I relished in being able to have a spot for everything I needed. So much so that the thought of ever downsizing after my babies began to grow up seems so unnecessary to me. After all, my little ones diapers have long since been traded out for iPads, toy cars and miniature Disney princesses that must travel with us anywhere and everywhere and bottles have been replaced by juice boxes or zippy cups. For me, the “mom bag” as I prefer to reference my diaper bag as, will always be my true love.

It’s no secret that I have a special place in my heart for Lily Jade bags. Beautiful and spacious, easy to clean, yet armed with so many pockets to organize that this type a mom squeals with delight each time I unzip my bag. Yet, my favorite part of this beautifully made, genuine leather purse, is the the ability to take my Mommy bag from day to night by simply unsnapping the insert and removing the diaper bag lining. After all, when I a diaper bag looks this good and feels so right draped over my shoulder, how could I not take her wherever I go?

Ladies, this purse is a must have!  If you’re hunting for the perfect purse, the perfect diaper bag the perfect travel purse, I promise you will love the Lily Jade Madeline Bag. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I think it’s time to treat yourself. Happy Shopping!

Alissa is wearing:
Madeline Bag in Black c/o Lily Jade
Tushabe Layered Necklace c/o Noonday Collection.
Booties from Dolce Vita found at Nordstrom

xo, Alissa