Spring Style


. all photography by Miranda North .

 Both dresses, sandals, sunglasses and purse were provided by 6pm.com, but rest assured I was the one who picked them out because I knew you would love them too.

It’s no secret that we’ve been treated to some amazingly warm weather this winter and spring here in So Cal. So much so that it’s already beginning to feel much like summer. You can smell the warmth in the air and feel it as the breeze blows through your hair. It’s welcoming distraction calls my name each afternoon, drawing me to spend some time soaking in its rays. I find myself daydreaming of laying blankets out on my grass and looking for clouds as they drift by with my littles. And trading my boots in for sandals and wedges leave me feeling more than just a little bit giddy.


. Dress ~ Sandals ~ Sunglasses .

Lately Kyle and I have been so mindful of how much our littles are growing. Some days we look at them and wonder where time has gone and how we can get a dose of it back to bottle up. It’s moments like these that I’m so thankful for this space because it’s been like a time capsule for me. With summer fast approaching and knowing they will both be home from school, I’m already making plans for days we will spend getting covered in sand, collecting shells and playing in the waves.


. Maxi Dress  ~ Love Zip Pouch .

Beach days aren’t the only thing on my mind, I’m always on the search for comfortable and cute outfits I can wear for all those fun activities. This is why 6pm.com is a great go to for all your wardrobe needs. From outfits to accessories from your favorite brands, 6pm.com allows you to shop from your favorites at a discounted price. I loved both of these dresses and felt they could easily serve and a fun and comfortable options for those long summer days at the beach with the kids.


. all photography by Miranda North .

Right now 6pm.com is hosting a spring selfie giveaway contest on Instagram where you ca enter to win one of 6 $150 gift cards. Simply post your favorite summer inspired style and use the hashtag #6pmStyleSelfieSorbet. Be sure to go check it out and enter. I know you all have some great summer looks you’re dying to share. Make sure you tag me too because I’d love to check out the great looks you’re putting together.

What’s on your bucket list this summer?

xo, Alissa