SNAP: A Beautiful Life

A few months ago I saw the “Real Beauty Sketches”  video by DOVE.  I was amazed at how women viewed themselves and loved how they where described by others.   It challenged me to look not only  at myself with different eyes but also to see the people around.  Often times I go through life and just glance through people.  Meaning even though I may spend an hour a day with someone I’m not sure that I really look at them with eyes that see them for who they are.  So this last month I looked and saw the most amazing people around whom I am blessed to get to see almost every single day.  I loved looking at how beautiful they are inside and out.  I promise you that I took these photos and did NO photoshoping to them.  As I processed them I could feel my face smiling.  Their beauty just radiates from their faces.  They are all amazing women and I hope they see their own beauty in each photo.

I am also amazed that each one of these ladies allowed me to take her photograph AFTER a hard workout.

This is Taylor.
She is amazing.
I love how everyday she comes to workout and just has this amazing smile.
Her smile just lights up the room.


This is Jessica.
She makes me laugh.
This girl has such a fun spirit.
I love how she works hard, encourages people.


This is Olivia.
She is adorable.
She is quite but always has this smiles that invites you to join in!


This is Julia.
She has the best laugh.
I love listening to her talk to her kids.  She is amazing with them.


This is Lorena.
She is shy but once she gets to know you she joins right in with the fun!!!


This is Ambia.
I love how this lady pushes people to be better.
She has an amazing heart and loves people for who they are.


This is Alissa.
This girl is love!
She is feisty and full of energy and loves with her whole heart.


This is Shelia.
She has the best Georgia accent and I love how she shares life with people.


This is Margaret.
This girl is just too much!
This smile kills me every time because it is full of love, compassion and strength!


I get to see these ladies almost every day.  We work out together.  We encourage one another and help each other get better.   What I hope you see is their beauty is beyond skin deep.  They are not done up or all fancy but they are real.  They make me smile because I know them.  They make me laugh because I know them.  They make me better because I know them.  I love them because I know them.

I hope you are encouraged to look at the people in your life and I hope you get to know them.  Knowing someone takes time and a lot of effort.  I can tell you this; each one of these ladies is completely different from me.  We have different personalities, different beliefs, different up bringing’s, and even different friends, BUT we have gotten to know each other and I love it!