Shop Bachelor Style Ep. 6

Well, last night on the Bachelor it got a wee bit dramatic didn’t it? Ben broke all the unspoken Bachelor rules and told not one, but TWO of the remaining girls he was in love with them. He was hoping to say it to all three, but then Caila went and acted all weird on their date and it made him re-think his love for her. This is despite the fact that he said she has all the qualities he would want in his perfect wife. While I’m not a fan of Caila I do have an issue with the fact that he clearly knew things were off and he still opted to take that poor girl to the fantasy suite and let her tell him every five minutes how much she loved him.

And I can’t imagine what that poor girl was thinking watching it back and watching herself talk about how she could feel his love for her in the breath of his kisses. What the what?! I wanted to pat her on the shoulder and tell her, “he’s just not that in to you.” Or he is, he’s just not in love with you like he is the other two girls. In her defense, I was impressed by her People interview today where she talked about how she felt his responses to her were canned (we agree!), but that watching the season back she realized that there was a stronger connection with Jojo and Lauren B that she didn’t see. Props to her for approaching it with her head held high.


Now let’s talk about Lauren and Jojo. Boy would I like to be a fly on the wall watching it all back with Ben seeing him take the other girls to the fantasy sweet and telling someone else over and over that he loved her as well. It’s not that I don’t think it’s possible to find love on this show, I just think there’s more heartache when you jump the gun with multiple girls to tell them you love them instead of taking two more weeks to figure it out and access your feelings a little deeper.

All in all, I think we’re in for a very dramatic and tear-filled, emotionally charged Women Tell All next week and I’m all over popping open a good bottle of wine to sit back and enjoy it all. Can I also gloat for a minute?! I’m playing this game with my friends and I’m the only one still in the game as Jojo is my Keeper! What, what?!

Ok, Ok, let’s talk about what y’all came here for to begin with, the girls style. Since we’ve already covered booty short shorts and bikini’s, I thought today we’d talk about the rose ceremony style with some Rent the Runway dress inspiration. Lauren B was rocking a pretty red gown. While it wasn’t the most flattering thing we’ve seen her wear all season, here are some red gowns that could be a great substitute if you’re headed to a wedding, party or maybe your own Jamaican rose ceremony.

Red Dress Collage 1Red Dress Collage 2

|Tangerine Contessa Gown // Giulia Gown // Ruby Red Gala Gown // Hudson Gown |

Jojo looked beautiful as always with a short floral dress. I saw her yanking on her straps a lot, could be nerves or it could be that the dress didn’t fit as well as she hoped. I found some great + fun alternatives with a floral flare. These are great for a bridal shower, wedding or party you might be headed too. And… just because I’m #teamjojo, I’ve included a dress almost exactly like the one she wore at the rose ceremony and a link to buy it!

Floral Dress Collage 2Floral Dress Collage 1

| Floral Jackson Sheath // Floral Gweney Dress // Violet Dress // Juliet Rose Dress |

Jojo's dress

| Print Deep V Midi Dress by Bebe |

Rent the Runway is a great gown rental service that provides you with hundreds of beautiful designer dresses and gowns for every occasion. With review, photos and feedback from the stylists, it’s easy to find options for any occasion you have coming up. The best part? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying a dress you might only wear once, you can simple rent a dress from Rent the Runway. I’ve rented from them more than a dozen times and I always love the dresses! See the dresses I’ve rented on Instagram using the hashtag #RTRdiaryofanaddict.

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So let’s weigh in, who looked better at the rose ceremony: Lauren B. or Jojo? And, who do you think he’s going to give the final rose to?

Discuss amongst yourselves…

xo, Alissa