Shop Bachelor Style Ep. 5

Well friends, it took me a couple days to get through this weeks Bachelor episode in between nap sessions to kick the last of the flu bug that caught me pretty hard last week. I will say I was hoping for more out of our hometown dates this week. In the past the girls would usually do something fun locally with the Bachelor before bringing him home to meet their families, yet it was only Caila this week who actually did something with Ben worth watching. I guess if he doesn’t pick her they’ll always have the plastic toy house they built together.

This week I’m sharing outfits inspired by each girls hometown date for you to enjoy. Since I know I usually need a pick me up on Wednesdays, you should use this one to treat yo-self and do a little bachelor style shopping.


This week hometown dates kicked off in Laguna Beach in the hometown of Amanda where Ben got to meet her little girls. I think reality started to set in when the meltdowns started to happen. Amanda’s girls are beautiful, but they are young and I think once Ben moved onto the other hometowns he realized he wasn’t ready to be an “instadad” as much as he thought he might be. I do feel bad for Amanda that it took him that long to realize that he just wasn’t ready for what their life together would have to offer.

amanda's outfit inspiration

| Socialite Crochet Off Shoulder Top // True Religion Jeans // Free People Top |

Next up was Lauren B. You can definitely tell there’s some physical and emotional chemistry happening here. Both of them got teary when Lauren’s family asked them about their relationship, which I took as a good sign they’re probably on the same page where their relationship is concerned. I was thrown off by Lauren B’s sister thinking that she might be jumping into a new relationship too soon, having gotten out of one a year ago. I’m pretty sure before I met Kyle I wasn’t waiting a year between my relationships. Oh well, maybe they were running out of “concerns” and the production team hopped in to help them out. Either way, they seem very sweet together and she looked adorable in her flannel shirt and leather jacket, which is all we really care about anyway, am I right?! Her look was my favorite look from this weeks episode.

lauren B outfit inspiration

| Quilted Shoulder Leather Jacket // Oversized Plaid Shirt // AG Super Skinny Jeans |

I not lying when I say that Caila is not my favorite, not since day 1 and not now. Sorry folks! I really thought he would move on from her earlier in the season, but here were are at hometowns and she’s tearing up as she tells her family Ben is it for her. Her dad seems to be a good voice of reason in the situation, but I think she’s off in la la land about where they stand. Or maybe I’m in la la land because post rose ceremony she’s in the top three and I’m more confused than ever. I just don’t see the connection.

caila's outfit inspiration

| Barbour Quilted Vest // Joe’s Flawless Skinny’s // Michael KORS Quilted Vest |

Jojo has been the front runner for me, I’ve loved her from night one. With that said I found her hometown date to be the most disturbing one of them all! From her creepy brothers pawing all over her staking some inappropriate alpha male claim, not even engaging in saying hello to Ben as they walked in the door to her mom drinking straight out of the champagne bottle at one point in the evening. Not to mention the day starting with her getting roses and a note from her ex and Ben showing up to that drama. This family clearly has some issues they need to work through and the brothers need to back up a notch. I felt sorry for Ben and, if I was him, I would be having some serious second thoughts about marrying in to that crazy family. Here’s to hoping Jojo doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet we just haven’t seen yet.

Joelle Outfit Inspiration

| Duster Cardigan // Free People Lace Up top // Kristin Cavallari Peep Toe Bootie |

Which hometown look was your favorite this week?

xo, Alissa