Shop Bachelor Style Ep. 3

Well I have to admit that while I’ve been rooting for Olivia to get the boot for weeks now, I found her exit to be rather anticlimactic. I even, dare I say it, felt a little sorry for her as America watched her stand on a small island in the middle of the Bahamas, ankle deep in water, nose red from crying in a storm as she watched Ben motor boat away with another woman. I know they’re going for ratings, but it seems a little overdone in my opinion.

Can we also talk about Leah for a minute?! Now my girls and I are playing Rose Duel and she was in my team of four so seeing her bring her claws out tonight had me wanting to poke her in the eye something fierce. Thankfully Ben is smart enough, despite how clueless he comes across each week, to realize that she’s talking about LB a weeeee bit more than she’s talking about their relationship. I did not see her tantrum coming. at. all. True to form The Bachelor always has one crazy waiting in the wings for her shot at her 15 seconds of fame.

As week 6 comes to a close, I find my team of four dwindled down to one, #teamJoJo and I am thankful that at least we can fall back on the cute clothes and shoes they wear each week to adjust our sanity levels back to normal. I mean I almost feel as though retail therapy is necessary after each episode is done. Chris H. you might be right buddy, this might be the most dramatic season ever.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.55.18 PM

This week on The Bachelor the girls are whisked off to The Bahamas where clearly no one checked the weather before planning and we spent a week dating during hurricane season. It really is even more miserable than it looks. Kyle and I went on our honeymoon in the month of September, also known as hurricane season and when the winds blow you really want to duck and cover. But since this week we headed to the sun and sand, I’m sharing some beachy style similar to what our favorite girls sported this week.

knit dresses

| Daftbird Low Scoop Neck Dress // RVCA Stratta Body Con Dress // KES Racer Back Tank Dress |

Gladiator Sandals

| Georgina Stud Sandals // Dolce Vita Jasmyn Suade Gladiator // Steve Madden “Sparra” Gladiator |

Bikini Collage

| Pupukea Bikini // Becca “Janice” High Neck Halter // Shell Stitched Bikini |

full piece swim suit

| Miraclesuit Amoressa // Volcom Dawn Dreamer // RVCA Afterglow One Piece |

I’m not going to lie, I love me a collection of cute swimwear for the summer and I may have already ordered that one piece black one on the far right above. It’s on sale for $36!

All in all this was a pretty blah week and I’m waiting for the real action to start. Ben hasn’t done a lot of on screen kissing so it’s been pretty hard to tell who he’s really connecting to and who he isn’t. Or maybe he’s just not a “hands on” kind of man, like Chris Soules. Funny how in real life we look for the head to toe, soul binding connection and on tv, we’re like, “kiss her if you like her.” What an interesting society we’ve become.

Well until next week…Happy Shopping friends!

xo, Alissa