Sew Your Own Ironing Board Cover

Hi friends, Sew Caroline here! Today I get to teach you how to sew your own ironing board cover. This way you can choose your own fabric and actually look at something pretty while you’re ironing your husband’s work shirts! 😉

What you’ll need: Fabric, Scissors, batting, and a loooong piece of thin cording.

You’ll start by stripping your ironing board down to the bare bones. If it’s not too damaged, you can keep the padding that comes with your ironing board (I use the padding + the batting to make it extra padded). You’ll put your ironing board upside down on top of your batting. As you can see I pieced two pices of batting together.. its going to be underneath your fabric, so that definitely works if you don’t have a long enough piece! You’ll cut the batting to the exact size of your ironing board top.

Next, you’ll cut your fabric. Again, if you would rather piece two pieces together to save on fabric, this totally works too! For the fabric, though, you’re going to cut approximately 2″ around the ironing board top.

Then you’ll press (if you have an extra ironing board!) about 1/2″ – 1″ around the edge of the fabric you cut. (If you don’t have an extra ironing board, just eyeball it when you’re sewing!) Sew this down almost all the way around the edge leaving only about 3″ open. You’ll have a casing going around the entire edge of your cover.

Once you’ve sewn this down, using a safety pin insert the thin cording into the opening of the casing and slowly, but surely, thread it through the entire cover. When you’ve reached the other end, situate your cover on top of the batting on top of your ironing board cover and tie a bow with your cording as tight as you can.

And that is it! You’ve got yourself a brand new ironing board cover!