Scenes from our San Francisco Weekend

This weekend was amazing!!! Friday morning at 8am our family flew north to San Francisco for my cousin Kelly’s wedding. I’m a huge lover of weddings, but this wedding was particularly special because most of our family was able to fly in from Hawaii, Singapore and Tennessee. All the cousins got to see each other and hang out for the first time, which was not only special for us, but for my Grandma and Grandpa. I just wish my Dad and his wife, Siobhan had been there with us. Our kids had so much fun playing, dancing and watching their cousin, Kelly a.k.a “Cinderella” as they called her, get married. Brayden even did his break dancing moves on the dance floor…. seriously love that kid. Katelyn told us one day she wants to get married and be Cinderella and get a sparkly ring from a cute boy. Lord, help me! I hoped to forever avoid the “getting married to a cute boy” conversation. Jesus is coming back first right?

Since we were only in San Francisco for 36 hours, Kyle and I really wanted to make the most of it and show the kids as many fun sights as possible. So on Saturday we visited the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, the “Full House” house, the “Mrs. Doubtfire” house and Pier 39. Phew! I should mention that we stayed in Emeryville, outside of Oakland, and we left the hotel at 10am and then left Pier 39 for the airport at 3:30, so we saw  A LOT of sights in a SHORT amount of time. The kids loved it!! After lunch we met up with my brother, Josh and my beautiful sister-in-love, Allyn for some Churros and Seal watching.The kids loved spending extra time with their aunt and uncle!! I’m pretty sure they won them over at “Would you like a Churro?” haha. PS Did you notice our matching stripety stripe outfits? Ya, that wasn’t planned, but it turned out kinda cute.

We flew home last night and got to spend some time with some wonderful friends, who came to spend the weekend at our home. There’s nothing I love more than ordering pizza at 11pm and enjoying conversation with friends who are entrepreneurial like Kyle and I. Some people may take up golfing as a hobby, but my blog and my business and finding ways to grow them are my hobby! Stay tuned I’ve got some fun, new blog series ideas up my sleeve. While we chatted business and blogging, the kids loved running around chasing after Bauer in the backyard. As our friends packed up their car, Brayden climbed in and was determined to leave with them. For those of you who know my little Mama’s boy, it was a big deal that he loved them enough to leave his Mama and go with them.

Last year we started an new School Eve Celebration, inspired by my sweet friend, Erin, but after the weekend we’ve had we decided to enjoy quiet time as a family, chatting with Katelyn about her 1st day of 3 day preschool tomorrow. Tomorrow we will celebrate. Then, tonight before bed we prayed over her as a family, just to bless her and prep her heart for the school year.

It’s hard to believe that the summers over and a new school year is about to start. We’re looking forward to another busy week of work and then on Thursday morning we leave for the family vineyard in Santa Maria for a family photo shoot! So excited!!

How was your weekend friends? What were you up to?