Saturday Snippets

Happy Saturday friends!

This week off the blog:

  • It was so great to come home energized from Alt Summit Conference and dream about the future of the business with Kyle over lunch.
  • If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a couple of sneak peeks of some exciting things that happened around our home this week that included a film crew. More to come on that soon.
  • My new desk arrived this week. SWOON! I’m working to get it all set up this weekend. Now I just need to find me some wall art!
  • I’m still working to perfect my home made bread making skills. This week I decided to try using less flour than the original recipe I found called for, which I felt made the dough rise better, quicker and the dough looked more fluffy and airy. Then before I put it in the oven I painted it with melted butter and fresh minced garlic. I’m pretty sure this is my most FAVORITE loaf to date. 
  • This week I got to see my amazing friend Susan, who hosted a pop up shop at The Land of Nod here in So Cal. Y’all the line was out the door, it was incredible!
  • I love having the opportunity to meet with other bloggers who are working to create and meet blog and business goals. I’m really glad I started this business Coaching program because it’s given me the chance to meet some amazing bloggers and I love being a part of the goal setting process. 

PicMonkey CollageThis week on the blog:

  • Monday I shared some the must have’s on my Valentine’s Day wish list, some of which I’m tempted to buy for myself. 
  • Tuesday I shared a style post featuring these new cotton geometric pants I found that I want to live in!
  • Thursday, my friend and contributor, Cristina, shared a great post reminding us how important the little moments in life are. 
  • Friday we had our coffee date and I played around with editing a new intro into the vlog. Did you have a chance to check it out + link up?

Links around the web you should check out. 

  • Looking for a healthy and delicious 7 layer bean dip recipe for Superbowl Sunday? Check out this one Kristen’s sharing on her blog this week.
  • Yup, I’m pretty sure I MUST HAVE this
  • Loved this post on the State of the Blog Union
  • If you’re wondering about the ROI of attending a blog conference, this is a must read.
  • Still looking for a great Valentine’s gift idea, this one’s sure to dig you out of that hole.

What are you loving around the web this week?

xo, Alissa