Pinkilicious Painting Party



Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We’re ending Katelyn’s birthday week with a recap of her Pinkilicious themed Painting Party. With her birthday falling at the end of the school year and the craziness of packing and heading to Maui on our family vacation, I knew I wanted to do a smaller, more low key party than we’ve done in the past. My goal was to have minimal set up and clean up, but still have a great atmosphere. When Katelyn and I sat down to discuss her party, we quickly decided that a Hello Kitty, Princess, Rainbow Unicorn party probably wouldn’t fall under the “simple” party theme I had in mind.

I remembered that my good friend Erin had thrown her daughter an “Evening in Paris” themed party a couple years ago when her daughter turned 7 at Timree Painting Studio in Newport Beach. Ummm, hello, no brainer! After checking out the studio and meeting and falling in love with Timree (she’s amazing!), I knew I had to host a painting themed party for Katelyn. And since my little girl loves, loves, loves PINK, well a Pinkilicious Painting Party made the most sense. We invited all the girls in her TK class and a couple of her friends from the Kinder class she started the year in and the brainstorming of all things Pink began!

Party Collage 2


| Timree and Katie |


I sewed Ombre circle pennants to hang from the ceiling, grabbed every Pink party decoration in the Target party decor aisle (thanks Target!) and ordered the pink aprons from Hobby Lobby, then used my best friend Caroline’s brand new fabric line to sew apron pockets. You can find the tutorial here. See, simple, right?! But it all came together so beautifully with how adorable Timree’s studio is!



| Dress: Little Wellies // Custom Made Headband: Aidie’s Hideway |

Party Decor Collage 1IMG_5645


| Invitations by Timree Studio // Ombre Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop |


When it comes to dessert, there is no cutting corners! It may not be “healthy” but you can’t have a birthday party without an amazing cake to enjoy for dessert! For past birthday’s I’ve made the desserts myself, but this year I ordered a cake from my friend Melody at Sweet & Saucy Shop. It was a confetti cake with buttercream frosting in ombre pink. I promise you it was every bit as delicious as it looks and was gobble up by all party goers. I will definitely be ordering from her again and if you’re local to Long Beach or Newport Beach, it’s a no brainer – you need to be ordering your desserts from Sweet & Saucy Shop. I promise you’ll be thanking me.

Painting CollageIMG_5650Katelyn collageIMG_5770


The girls had so much fun learning how to paint their Cupcake paintings! For being 6 and 7, they did an incredible job! It was so much fun to watch them talk and laugh while they painted. Timree was so great at keeping their attention and making the painting experience fun as she taught! Every time she said, “swishy, swishy your brush…” you could hear all the girls giggle and repeat after her. Mid way through the party Katelyn exclaimed that this was the best birthday party ever! #winning

After the girls finished their paintings, we ate some lunch and enjoyed some cake!

Birthday Cake CollageIMG_8203IMG_5834

Here’s all the girls with their finished paintings. Don’t they look amazing?!!! I’m so glad we picked Timree Painting Studio as our party spot this year. All the girls are still talking about it and went home to hang their art work on their walls. Here’s to hoping I can outdo this next year (haha!)

xo, Alissa