Party like a Lego Star

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I think I might still be in denial that my baby is 5.
He makes it difficult to forget,
sweetly reminding everyone, everywhere we go.
This might have been his favorite birthday yet.
Probably because he had a week long celebration,
between Disneyland, his classroom celebration and his party.

I will admit that I’m one of those moms.
The ones that start daydreaming and planning parties months in advance.
I can’t help it.
I do it, in part, so I can budget accordingly
and so I don’t wait till the last minute.
I do well under pressure, but that doesn’t mean I’m not
a complete basket case the whole time.

With Brayden’s love for Lego’s and the book
Good Night, Good Night Construction Site,  a Lego Construction Party
was just what we needed.
I found an amazing company called Bricks 4 Kidz,
a franchise that does Lego parties.
They have miniature kits and instructions so each kid can build on their own
and they provide on site party planners to help with the builds,
teach the kids fun Lego facts
and they play a fun game with the kids in between builds.

Did you see those adorable party favor bags they put together?!
Swirly straws as windy roads?! Love it!

The kids loved having their own little kits and building
Bulldozers and Dump Trucks.
They even took a break to do a little running around during game time.
The kids were split into 4 teams and each team had a bucket and a shovel.
They had to hold the cone on their head and run to the Lego bin,
shovel Lego’s and carry them carefully from the bin back to their bucket.
It was a great game and all the boys got their wiggles out,
before they went back to work.

As much as I love to have my hand in every single detail of hosting parties,
after Katelyn’s painting party earlier this year,
I’ve learned that sometimes it’s nice to have help
and actually be able to be a participant in the party.
I was able to help build, laugh, and watch Brayden with his friends.
It was so incredible to see the friendships he’s been forming
and the conversations the boys were having.

When it came to the decor, it was a no brainer.
Chasing Fireflies launched a party decor line
and I’ve been itching for a chance to order some goodies.
They have a great variety of themes and, of course,
the construction party decor was the perfect match!
The decorations are made so well and built to last.
Brayden has already set up the roads as runways for his airplanes.
I love that the decor will last me beyond a few hours at the party.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out their fun party themes,
be sure you do!

Brayden’s already talking about turning 6,
I’m bracing myself.
One birthday at a time is all I can handle.
Next up is Katelyn’s 7th birthday.
I’m looking for some great birthday party ideas.

How do you celebrate your littles birthdays?

Decorations c/o Chasing Fireflies
Brayden’s tee c/o The Printed Palette
Party favors c/o Bricks for Kidz
Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop

xo, Alissa