Oh me, oh my Monday

I have a major bone to pick with textile creators. We recently got a new dinning table and I really wanted to make an effort to style it. Turns out that trying to find matching table runners and placemats is nearly impossible and has left me wanting to scream! Every time I find a runner I like, the placemats that match it have the exact same pattern. UGH! Why can’t someone create a solid color runner with matching patterned placemats? Or a patterned runner with solid colored placemats? Or maybe have 1 runner, 2 placemat options. I really never thought this would be that hard! I really need some help with this y’all, here’s my runner (I have the blue one), would any of these placemats compliment it?

OMOM Placemats 

Navy Woven Round Placemat
Copper Waffle Ribbed Placemats
Natural Ombre Placemats
Farm Table Striped Placemats
Chilewich Denim Placemats
Chilewich Pool Brush Dot Placemats

 xo, Alissa