New Sponsor Love: Ragamuffin Beauties

Rags to Stitches peeps, meet my lovely new sponsor Ragamuffin Beauties. Ragamuffin Beauties, meet my Rags to Stitches peeps.

I’m beyond honored that she is joining our little family. Enjoy getting to know her a little bit better and I hope you’ll stop by her shop and follow her blog. She is truly an amazing person with a beautiful heart.

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shoppe. 

I’ve been married to my High School sweetheart, Randy for 11 years.  We have two children Caleb and Isabella, whom I homeschool.  We live in Central Texas, in the same neighborhood we grew up in next door to his Mom and Step Dad and a few streets over from my parents.  It’s a happy little life!

I started my shop as an outlet to fund all the projects I bookmark in blogland. I taught myself how to sew and pretty much have a figure it out myself kind of personality…which makes for several attempts at various projects. My favorite thing to do as I sew is to pray for the recipient…even if it isn’t someone I know.

My shop is named Ragamuffin Beauties.  Growing up one of eight kids it was quite the feat to coral all of us for an outing.  My Momma would  give us quick instruction on our dress and hygiene reminding us not to be ragamuffins.  In choosing a name I wanted to reflect my heart to serve God through my creations.  Each one having a story much like us…beauty from ashes.  While that can be a little bit of a stretch if the fabric is beautiful to begin with, it’s only in it’s finished product is it truly beautiful.

2. What’s inspiring you lately? 
I have been a fan of words for as long as I can remember….scripture, quotes, lyrics, words of affirmation, encouragement…it all stirs my heart for what I think is a deeper level of inspiration for me. I love to listen to worship music and pray as I sew…very therapeutic. My life verse is: {Romans 12:12} ” Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” NIV 
3. Colors you can’t live without right now? 
Gray, Turquoise, Mustard Yellow ….whomp, whomp I know it’s over done but I love any combination of the three or either alone.  I’m also a fan of primary color rainbow…just so happy!
4. Favorite ice cream flavor? 
Is it terrible that I’m not a huge ice cream fan?  I know so weird.  Don’t get me wrong a fudge sundae is right up my alley, but not just plain jane ice cream.  I’m kinda a snow cone girl.  Toasted Coconut, please.

XO, Jenni Carlisle