Missing my Hubby!

Kyle left for South by Southwest, a huge music festival in Austin, TX, last night. While it was nice to go to bed early after indulging in a weekly favorite: American Idol. I have to say I was actually impressed by how well almost all of them did. Tonight I find myself missing my hubby as this is the first time he’s travelled without me since before we got pregnant. Not that I’m worried something will happen and he won’t be here, but I miss his company. We had a really busy week last week and was followed up by an even busier weekend so we haven’t seen each other that much. When he called tonight just to say that he was thinking about me and loves me, I was reminded what a wonderful husband he is. He has been working so hard lately, and his passion for life and music is contagious. Somedays I find myself completely engulfed in his world and loving every minute of it. 

Well, I’m off to see who gets eliminated on American Idol tonight.