Mama + Little Man Style

{Wore: Diamond Denim by Paige // Chambray + Lace Top (gift) // Booties – Nordstrom}

This face pretttttyyyyy much sums up my day.

My baby starts school tomorrow.

It might be preschool, but in my mind it might as well be high school.

Just one more reminder that I don’t have a baby anymore.

And to make it worse, he willingly gave up his paci 3 days ago too.


I know it’s beautiful, wonderful maddness + the fact that Brayden feels confident and excited to start school means that Kyle and I are doing something right.

{Brayden’s shirt c/o The Printed Palette}

Tonight we went out as a family for our Preschool Eve Celebration.

We do this at the beginning of each school year. This year is really special because we celebrated Katelyn in September + Brayden tonight.

Tonight is his last night before he’s no longer mommy’s little stay at home man.

We talked about his teacher, making new friends and Katelyn told him all the fun crafts and games he gets to play.

And then we laughed and toasted to his first day of preschool with double chocolate chip milkshakes.

So if you think about it, pray for me today.

I’ll be the Mommy smiling through tears as I send my last baby off to school.

I know this is so good for him. He’s been ready for months.

Now his Mama needs to work on being ready too.

Oh and before I forget….

Check out this awesome gift idea + be sure to check back next week because I’m teaming up with MaNouvelleMode + The Grant Life for Copy Cat Closet. We’re learning how to mix colors + patterns.

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