Little Style


| Racerback Romper – BabyGap |


Tee – Johnny Cupcakes // Cutoffs – BabyGap |


| i love this picture because Brayden’s telling me how much he loves me |

Now that my littles are getting older, each one of them is developing their own sense of style. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to shop for them, one because I need them to try things on and two because there are actually things they refuse to wear anymore. While I do have to admit, it’s really fun to watch each of them coming into their own, there are times it’s hard to overcome the feeling that this is just one more area they’re becoming independent and won’t need me as much anymore.

Do you ever feel that way? That you blink and all of a sudden their favorite pair of shoes are too small, or that dress that looked so adorable, that has gone from dress to dress with leggings to tunic just won’t fit anymore? I want so badly to keep them little, but at the same time nourish the independence in them, so they are given the opportunity to spread their wings. I guess, as momma’s, all we can really do is find solace in being present in each of these small moments in their lives.  To look at each tear as a tear of joy that we’re doing something right.

How do you handle your littles becoming independent? 

xo, Alissa