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Linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged this week.


Talk about returning from Hawaii at midnight Sunday night and hitting the ground running this week. We said goodbye to our dear friends the Robeck’s as they embark on an incredible journey being missionaries in El Salvador for the next two years. They were supposed to leave the day after we returned home from Maui, but their flight was delayed till Tuesday, so we all got to enjoy one last family dinner.


Katelyn’s dance recital is this weekend and we had dress rehearsal on Monday. They’re dancing to Katy Perry’s California Girls, the very edited version. Lot’s of sass in this bunch.


Katelyn, err, excuse me, Katy, as she’s decided she’s going to be known as from here on out has been begging us to play soccer for over a year now. The school she attends had a soccer camp this week, so we signed her up to see if fall soccer was in the cards for us. Turns out, it is. There goes my Saturday mornings. She had a ton of fun, learned a lot of great skills, has decided to be a goalie and now I’m finding myself writing checks to soccer instead of dance class. Who knew we had a future athlete in the family.


Summer time leaves my kids feeling withdrawals and missing their friends, so we entertained her BFF this week for a playdate. These 2 are two peas in a pod and have been since they started preschool at 3. They’ve been in the same class for the last 3 years and it looks like we might be in the same class together next year too. They are too cute together and although Katy likes to refer to him as her boyfriend, we’ve explained to her that she’s 6 and needs to give the boyfriend title some more thought. I have to laugh though because it’s truly adorable to watch them together.


We arrived home from Hawaii to an overgrown garden and zucchini’s that were 15-17 inches in size. Not wanting anything to go bad, I’m not entertaining as many freaking zucchini recipes as possible. We are going to call it #zucchinifordays, literally! So far I’ve made Zucchini chips and have plans to make my first frittata. We’ll see how that turns out.


My new Lily Jade bag arrived in the mail this week, the Elizabeth, and it’s safe to say that this one is by far my most favorite! It’s the perfect size, with all the same organizational perks and I just love the color!! My favorite feature is that you can hold it like this, or use the long strap as a should strap or turn it into a back pack strap. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing more of this beauty soon!


Kyle is part of an awesome business group call E.O or Entrepreneur’s Organization and this week they got all the members and spouses together for an Iron Chef Cooking Class/Competition at Surfas. They divided us all up into teams and we got to cook some amazing dishes and then enjoy a cocktail party afterwards. My team didn’t win, nor did Kyle’s, but we had a great time and I’m positive I’ll be heading back for more classes this summer.

How was your week? Anything exiting happen in your neck of the woods?

xo, Alissa