Let’s talk about blogging baby

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First off I want to thank your for indulging me in my quest to find new material for this space today. I will admit when I threw it out on Instagram, I figured I’d get eye rolls and unfollows. I often write and wonder if there’s more you wish I’d say and then there’s days like today where I have so many thoughts running through my head that having some parameters makes it so much more fun.

I’m not sure if you’ve hear Jason Durulo’s new song featuring Snoop called Wiggle Wiggle, but if you haven’t you should. I find it humorous that people make money writing bull shit songs like this where we ask people to shake their big fat but and before you think I’m getting on a soap box I should add that I have no problem shaking my big fat butt to release tension from the work day. #wigglewigglewiggle

So I’m about to break it down for y’all and answer your IG questions….

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@Beellax asked me if I ended up sugaring, well @Beellax, I never did end up sugaring before I left for Maui, mainly out of fear. I hate pain and the thought of someone yanking, even under the pretty disguise of sugaring, the hair out of different areas of my body, some publicly visible and some not ended up scaring the shit out of me so I broke down and shaved. Now that we’re talking about it again, I’m thinking I might reconsider in the coming weeks and get my sugar on. Have you done it? Did you bring someone to hold your hand?

@dermieee asked me what I eat: If you asked me what I ate today I would tell you coffee, water, zucchini bread and a blueberry scone. This is not normal for me, but not working out in the morning throws my eating habits for the day because I launch straight into my work day. This afternoon I’ll make up for it by drinking a beer and eating some carbs. Just kidding! It’s not Friday yet. On normal days I eat breakfast after I work out in the morning, lunch a couple hours later, snack in the late afternoon, dinner and then since I’m a late owl, I snack again, usually granola and yogurt around 10pm.

What top 5 tv shows am I watching right now? Why @wereparents, thanks for asking! Right now I’m obsessed with watching Rookie Blue, So You Think You Can Dance, Major Crimes, The Bachelorette and The Blacklist (I know the season ended, but I’m catching up on missed episodes)

While I would hardly describe my skin as flawless, I think dry and temperamental would be a better, I credit my glow to staying out of the sun as much as possible, my clarisonic and my skin care line, Arcona. I have pale skin, light eyes and freckles, which is a perfect recipe for skin cancer if I’m not careful. Thanks @chels_e_31 for asking. How do you keep your skin flawless?

Oh @jenhatzung, how I love you! Yes, let’s talk for hours about our love for rompers!

@oh_so_peachy I wish I had the perfect concoction to share for how to balance all that life throws at us blogging mamas. Balance is such a tricky word. I like to think that I manage more than balance. I do this by finding time to do things that I love in the day to get a “break.” Working out, helps me to release endorphins and endorphins make you happy, it’s a great distraction from all the other stresses going on. I also, love to cook, read, run to a local coffee shop vs making a cup at home, just to get out of the house (I work from home).  A couple months ago I did a series on my tips for work/life balance, you’ll have to check them out and see if they help.

Well this was fun, and a nice distraction on this fine sunny day from the plethora of things on my to do list! Let’s do this again soon. Anything else y’all want to know?

xo, Alissa