Home for the Holidays

I love decorating my home for Christmas. Everyone has their favorite holiday and mine is most definitely Christmas. Not because people are nicer, because frankly, their not. Not because you get slow down and spend more time with those you love, because we all know that running from Christmas party to Christmas party doesn’t always equal more time with those you love. No, my love for Christmas is purely out of my love for a Heavenly Father who was born on Christmas day and came to the world to sacrifice all and teach us how to love abundantly.

I also love to dress up our home in shared of red, white and gold, to have a reason to bust out my glitter covered trees and stare at all my snowmen I’ve collected over the years. My kitchen/dinning room space has been my favorite for some time, but there’s nothing like my love for this space after dressing it up for the holidays.



What’s your favorite space to decorate during the holidays?

xo, Alissa

PS – At what age did you break it to your kids that “The Elf” doesn’t really report to Santa and that Santa is really Mommy and Daddy?