Hello Monday

Linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday


Hello Summer! Oh how we’ve missed you! Hello to late night swims, dance parties, tickle fests, no bed times and sleeping in. We’re taking a step back from our structured “school year” life and letting the freedom of summer soak in.


Hello to bringing the kiddos to work out with me. This one managed to make it all 9 rounds with a combination of jump ropes, boxing practice, frog hops, jumping jacks and she even learned how to throw a punch!! When I started my fitness journey a couple years ago, I did it so that I could live an active lifestyle by example for our kids. Technology can easily take over our lives if we let it, but there’s nothing greater than getting out there, sweating and working out! I was so proud of her!


Hello Portola Coffee Lab! Here’s to changing it up and working out of the office for the afternoon. Working from home certainly has its perks, but there are some days, when we have the baby sitter, that it’s so great to work in a different environment, especially while sipping on a delicious cup of coffee.


Hello Honeycombs! My oh my do I love love love you! My mom was in town and a diamond had fallen out of her ring so we headed to our family jeweler to get it fixed. While we were there I eyed this one of a kind honeycomb diamond ring and had to try it on! Isn’t it beautiful!!??


Hello to play dates with friends and lots and lots of laughter. Hello to a place where kids can run and scream till their heart’s content and it’s not in your home while you’re trying to work. Can I get an amen?


Hello to Grandma visiting from Boston, lots of snuggles, campouts on the living room floor, Red Sox games and Pressed Juicery. We could live on Pressed Juicery!

IMG_0578 living room campout

Hello to being featured on Day Designer Blog. I’m obsessed with their planners and was so excited when they asked to interview me for their #welldesignedlife series. I hope you’ll pop over there and check it out.


What are you saying Hello to this beautiful Monday?

xo, Alissa