Hello Monday

Hello Monday. I’m linking up with Lisa today.

Hello Preschool Bike-a-Thon, sunshine and last minute runs to Target the morning of to “deck out” Brayden’s bike.

Hello to finding new, rad shades during that last minute trip that he just had to have for the race. When I say had to have, I mean, I had to snag them for him. $3! Target for the win!


Hello to achieving 18 laps during the 10 minute ride with a smile on his face the whole time. Mommy’s smiling because she knows that nap time is going to be amazing come 1 o’clock.


Hello to family dinner’s out and about on the weekend. Pizza at one of our favorite spots and then a surprise trip to Balboa for chocolate covered frozen banana’s. Mama’s favorite.

The best part? Everyone got their own banana! No sharing = a BIG treat!


Hello to the Pinewood Derby at church an the only reason this mama is out of bed, showered, dressed and out the door early on a Saturday morning. She was so proud of her pink and white striped car (you can barely see it in the second picture)! Two races, resulting in a  second place and first place win and we were off to a birthday party and home for naps.

Hello Naps! I’m a huge fan and will always include you in my weekends!


Hello to beautiful Sunday weather and the perfect reason to take the solar cover off the pool and do some swimming with friends. The water was cold, but it was so hot out, no one even noticed. 

Hello to tossing in the air, sunbathing and lots of laughter. It was the perfect way to end our weekend. 


You know those weekends where you never want each day to end? You’re soaking in each second, each giggle, each snuggle and smile that you almost feel as though time has slowed down. I needed one of those weekends. Sandwiched in between all the fun was all the eating we did, but let’s not focus on all the working out that I’ll need to be doing this week to make up for all the eating I did. It’s still hard to believe it was 86 degrees today, definitely not normal March weather, even for us. Not that I’m complaining. 

In the midst of our family time this weekend, the Malaysia Airlines flight has weighed heavily on my mind. I think of how turned upside down my life would be if my family had been on that flight. What brings it even more close to home is that my Dad still lives in Malaysia and his wife is currently working in Shanghai on business and, having spent over 5 years of my life living in Malaysia, it’s just such devastating news at every turn. A couple of the students that were freshman and sophomore when I was a senior were on that flight with their mother traveling to Beijing. Not knowing where the plane is or what has happened to all the men, women and children on board gives me such anxiety. My prayer is that whoever took the plan, will let these people go home. Or that the search will result in finding the plane and all the passengers. I feel this immense need to see hope come from this awful situation. 

What are you saying Hello to today?

xo, Alissa