Hello Monday

I’m linking up with my sweet friend Lisa for her Hello Monday series.

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Hello Sweet Monday
How are you?
Are you ready for all of the adventures the week is sure to unfold?
I’m leaning into Monday with trepid anticipation.
Life has been so busy lately that I find myself facing exhaustion.
Sleep is heavy and yet I never feel like I get enough.

Hello to a restful weekend.
One filled with sleeping in,
lazy morning snuggles
and 3 hour nap times each afternoon.
Yes it’s possible that I’ve been tired enough to sleep that much.

Hello weekend adventures.
Father/Daughter first time camping trips in a horrible windy storms
Hello to Katelyn sleeping through the howling and the dirt and coming home feel as though she conquered fears.
There truly isn’t anything more precious.
Hello to an amazing Daddy for buying a new tent and sleeping bags just for this adventure
Nothing will ever take the place of the memories that were created.

Hello to Mommy/Son snuggles and adventures at home.
Home built tents,
staying up past bedtime
and sleeping in.

Hello to 90 degree adventures at the Patchwork Show today
It was so wonderful to walk around and see entrepreneur after entrepreneur
building their dream.
Such an incredible reminder that you’re never too old or too young to start
It was like walking the boulevard of dreams.
There were so many incredible, new products out there.
Our favorite, Massey Honey Co!
They are local, but the owner, Ryan, owns bee hives
and harvests all his own organic honey.
It was sooooo good!

Hello to Pollinate Media growing
Hello to a new school week
Hello to Katelyn being the star student of the week this week
Hello to new doors opening
Hello to new, cool shit that’s about to happen
Hello to embracing it all in stride

What are you saying Hello to this Monday?

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