Half-up Dutch Braid

You guys! I’m so sorry, I went missing! I am so so sorry, my life was insane with vacations then packing and moving to France, getting adjusted, settling in, kids starting school, & the time change. Phew! Can I have a pass this time? Thanks you guys are so gracious!

I have a pretty tutorial for you today. It is easy, anyone can do it and can be done in probably 10 minutes flat. It’s a half-up side dutch braid.

dutch side braid 015


Isn’t it pretty? And like I said, so simple. If you don’t have bangs, just braid it all in the front. If you want it looser then tug on the braid a bit. Want all your hair up? Throw it in a side pony! There are so many options, you can totally make it your own.

Here’s the step by step pictures and I’ll explain below.

half up dutch side braid tutorial

So you start by sectioning the part you want to braid and braiding a Dutch braid down the side. Dutch just means that you take the pieces under instead of over. Hope that makes sense. Braid all the way down and secure with an elastic. Then add a slight tease to the crown of your head for a little volume. In fact you can add as much as you’d like! Then I just took a little section from the front part of the other side of my hair and took it back to meet the braid in the back. Twist and pin at the nape of your neck. Done!

dutch side braid

It’s a fun look isn’t it? I like it because I mainly like to have my hair out of my face. But there are so many options as well!

Well, I hope you liked this tutorial & that you get to give it a shot!