Gift Wrapping Ideas

  I don’t know about you, but receiving a gift with pretty wrap makes me happy…

and wrapping up gifts to give with care makes me even more happy.  
It is just an extra touch to add to the thoughtfulness of gift giving.  
And it’s pretty.  And way better than doing laundry.

My mom has always been the queen of wrapping, 
making each gift a beautiful presentation of love & care.
Over the years we have loved using brown kraft paper as 
Christmas wrap.  I really like this because you can easily 

customize a gift to the recipient by simply adding 
different elements and colors to compliment the simple brown paper.   

Today I am going to share you a few {easy} ways I like 
to dress up my kraft paper wrapping.


Really anything goes.  I use ribbons, lace, twine, 
fresh and faux greens, berries, ornaments, jewelry, pine cones …etc., etc.


Here I used thick wired ribbon simply wrapped around and

tied in a bow.  Slip in some greens and berries, add your tag 

and a beautifully packaged gift with out a lot of work.

This is my baby sister’s gift.  A totally different look from

the one above by using some fun leopard ribbon, a bow 

of mixed pieces and a dollar ornament for that pop of color.  

** To create a this bow, I cut a few pieces of different
 ribbon and a strand of pearls in varying lengths, 
then tied them in the center with twine.


Here is another example of how a colorful or interesting

ornament tied with a bow, can totally transform the 

wrap into something extra special.

Finding ribbon with some character makes

pretty-ing up a gift even easier.  Because of the fun 

details on these ribbons I can just wrap each around 
once and get a unique and thoughtful look.  
Slide in tag and you’re good to go!


I love this simple package with just twine and pine cones. 
And of course, my favorite, some vintage lace. 😉
Perfectly sweet.
If you’d like a ‘no tape’ wrap… this one is SO easy. 
I just wrapped the gift in a small burlap sack, tied jute
 around it and stuck a recycled card front as the tag.  
Any sort of fabric sack would work great.
a few tips…
  • You can find the brown paper almost everywhere.  I just like to make sure the weight is heavy enough that it won’t rip, but not too heavy that it is difficult to work with.  I bought the wrap used in these photos at Target.
  • Look for after Christmas clearance ornaments, ribbon and greenery picks with gift wrapping for next year in mind.  At the major craft stores they get seriously marked down…like 90% off my friends!
  • Think of non-conventional gift wrap items to use as your bow and/or embellishments.
  • To personalize your gifts even more, use little wood or paper letters to add initials to the bow or top of the gift.
  • Start wrapping early or you’ll end up like me…the first batch will be beautifully wrapped, but in the end your husbands gifts will be thrown into grocery sacks. 🙂

I seriously can’t believe Christmas is upon us. Can you?!  I say that every year, but I really think this year came faster. It is my favorite and I am trying to enjoy my little ones and soak it all up! 
Well, I better be off to finish my wrapping…and fold some laundry, I guess. 😉

Happy gift wrapping and Wishing you and yours a 
VERY Merry Christmas!! XOXO